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Another burglary near Garfield

Just FYI neighbors – We live near 25th and Cherry and were out during lunchtime yesterday for about an hour. We got back and found that the house had been broken into – they forced open the back door and took a few small electronic items and cheap jewelry (good luck selling on the fake diamond earrings guys!). At least they didn’t wreck the place. So be vigilant and keep small valuables out of sight!

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  1. Guys and gals please heed some advice. Unfortunately this is an all too common trend. Here are some easy ways to help(I know some of these are obvious but look around you house and you will see that you too make mistakes):
    1. Hide valuables in the home. IE they should not be visible from any windows.
    -If it is impossible to keep them hidden, keep your blinds shut. Have the blinds facing up in your home. not down. You can see in from the outside if your blinds are down.
    2. Trim your trees around the front and back of the home. Trees and large shrubs offer great cover for burglars to work. Back yards especially. Keep the entrance to your back yard clear of foilage.
    3. Know your neighbors. Get to know what is common with them(people that will be in and out on regular basis. What their schedules are like and so on.) Your neighbor should be able to spot some suspicious activity around you house if and you can do the same.
    4. Alarms are expensive and not practical for many people. Your should really know YOUSELF before going out and buying an alarm. How often will you really use it. For the first 6 months maybe everyday. But after that do you stick with things or will you be paying for something you really wont use. This is a prime example. Unless you are a vigilant person and arm it all the time it wont work. They were gone for an hour and got hit. 95% of people with alarms would not have armed it for their lunch outting.
    5. Secure your windows. A simple piece of dowell put in your window will keep unwanted people out. Cut the dowell so that you can have you window open a little bit but not enough for a kid to get it.
    6. More Burgs happen in the day when you are at work or whatever else is done. When you get home you may not know that you have been a victim of a burglry until you really look around. Once you find out that you have been burglarized, stop touching stuff. Leave the items on the floor, the only thing you should then touch is the phone.
    7. Know suspicious activity. Sometimes when the doorbell rings and someone has an odd question, asks if so and so is home(yet you have lived there for a while), they lost their cat or dog, they are casing the home. The doorbell is to see if someone is home… When someone answers the door it is a no-go for the burglary. And quite frankly they must often work in pairs cuz someone has to watch the street.