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Watch the last debate with your neighbors

It seems like it’s been going on for about a decade, but the end of the 2008 election season is now less than three weeks away.   Tonight is the last of the three presidential debates, and it is your last chance to sit down with your neighbors, settle into a beer, coffee, or strong cocktail, and watch McCain & Obama try to win over that last two or three voters in the country that remain undecided.

Here are the places around the neighborhood where you can go:


0 thoughts on “Watch the last debate with your neighbors

  1. Don’t forget about All Purpose Pizza…great food and kid-friendly for those of you without a sitter.

  2. Who went where last time? I don’t get out of the house much and I want to know which place offers me the most entertainment for my dollar. Like which ones have the mud wrestling in red and blue singlets?? Any bi-partisan viewing or is it mainly liberalville(not that there is anythng wrong with that).

  3. If you’re looking for entertainment, there was a loud shouted argument going on outside Central Cinema for ten or fifteen minutes after the last one.