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Donaldson Fitness Abruptly Closes on 10/14

Not sure if its even news worthy but it is unfortunate that a business is leaving 23rd and Jackson. Donaldson Fitness closed abruptly on 10/14. Not caring why, just makes me ponder the reality of how many individuals even know.

16 thoughts on “Donaldson Fitness Abruptly Closes on 10/14

  1. I started going here less than a month ago and I’m sad- I really liked it there :( I feel bad for the great employees- no notice for them.

  2. Looking for indoor pools that are not hugely populated – more private like theirs was.

  3. The pool over by garfield (Medgar Evans maybe? I can’t remember…) is a public use pool. The one at Donaldson was really a PT pool, not much for swimming laps ;)

    Too bad though about them closing, for anybody who wants to get one last workout in though, I believe you can still go today, but it’s the last day (I’m pretty sure I saw somebody in there running on the treadmill…)

  4. That’s really unfortunate – I would LOVE to have a real fitness club over here. (The Y is fine, but it’s a little far for me during the winter.) I never went to Donaldson, though, because I swim and their treadmill-pool just didn’t work for me.

  5. You might try Everybody Health & Fitness at 26th & Jackson:

  6. They don’t have a pool, do they? Their site doesn’t say anything about it if they do. I haven’t gone there for the same reason I gave Donaldson a pass – I go to the gym mainly to lift and to swim.

  7. Everybody Fitness does not have a pool. It cardio on the first floor and a few machines, a weight room downstairs, a small sauna that you need to remember to turn on if you want to use it, and an upstairs studio that has dance classes or yoga (though these are separate from the gym). It was CHEAP to go to and the folks were really super friendly.

    I stopped going as I wanted a gym with a few more people to be around honestly … and also, I really just love swimming. So back to the Y after several years away. The Medgar Evars hours were just too strange for me to get there consistently.

  8. What is the accompanying map? Looks like it’s from California. Is Google having a problem?

  9. Never worked out there myself but I visited several times when gym shopping a few years back. It was a real community-oriented shop, and the fitness pool and other rehab-oriented equipment always got good use.

    When I was there, the pool was usually full of happy-looking older disabled ladies. Which I suppose you could say describes my partner and me as well. Finding a facility as well suited to staying fit (although maybe not so much for training for bodybuilding competitions) with a decent price and not too far out of the neighborhood… well, Everybody’s is nice, but not quite the haven for rehab that Donaldson’s was.

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  11. As a former member of Donaldson’s Fitness, I would not be surprised if the reason for closure is related somehow to finances. Their accounting system was horrible — employees/instructors often complained about nonpayment or late payment. No one ever tracked my payments, as far as I can tell, and never sent me any billing statements when my membership expired. I’ve heard that Mr. Donaldson has had management problems at some of his other establshments as well.

    As for Everybody Health and Fitness, their equipment machines are sorely outdated.

  12. I was saddened by the Closure myself. I had only been a member for three weeks and BAM! Everybody’s Health down the street is old, smells of mold, out dated and over priced.

  13. I joined this center about a week before it closed. I purchased a 1 year account. I still haven’t gotten my refund yet. I was told I would get it a few weeks after they closed. 3 months later, nothing.