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Washed Up?!3{2}The Car Wash Saga Continues

We’ve been trying to get some answers on the closure of the self-serve car wash on 23rd, but so far we’re coming up with only more questions.  

First, phroggey alerted us to a new “For Sale” sign on the car wash property.   The property is owned by the same people who own the block at 23rd & Union where the post office is.   The property is owned by Chester Dorsey.  But we haven’t been able to reach anyone who can give details about the reasons behind the changes on the property.

The lot containing the car wash is zoned for NC2-40, allowing a 40-foot tall commercial building.

We’ve also dug up some information at the county about the main Chester Dorsey Detailing property at 23rd & Madison:   it was sold on August 28th to a group of real estate investors.   And when we walked by the other night, there was a large soil-drilling machine parked there and markings on the pavement where they had apparently been doing soil samples.  That property is zoned for a 65 foot commercial building, but it seems like it would be a challenge to build a significant building on a 6,800 square foot lot.   Mr. Dorsey still owns two other neighboring parcels across Madison and to the east along 23rd, both currently used for parking.

We’ve made multiple calls to Chester Dorsey’s business but haven’t been able to reach anyone who can speak to the status of the closed-down self-service car wash or the future of their 23rd & Madison operation.   However, an employee there did say that the detailing operation is still open and serving customers. Let us know in the comments below if you have a scoop.

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  1. The last time I checked Chester owned both the car wash and the the property on the north east corner of 23rd and Union. The parcel viewer (I seldom use it or would notice and it is down.) is not working at the moment so I cannot confirm all.

  2. My recent info agrees with Joanna’s.

    Also, my understanding is that Tom Bangasser owns the property – the whole block, in fact – where the post office is. Has this changed in the past couple of months?

  3. You’re right! I was wrong about the self-service car wash property. (I looked at it at least 3 times, and could have sworn it was owned by “MID-TOWN LTD PS”, but must have been looking at the wrong corner).

    Dorsey does own the property where Philly’s Best sits on the NE corner of 23rd & Union.

  4. Karma will get u every time. As a past employee of Chester, I know he has cheated many people in his life time. Olympic Coast Investment, Inc foreclosed on not one but five of his properties. U can not keep screwing over people and not expect some bad juju karma to come back to haunt you. Justice has been served.