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Man Shot at 28th & Jackson

Thanks to our commenters who alerted us to a shooting at 28th & Jackson tonight.

It all went down around 7:20pm, with multiple 911 calls reporting the sounds of shots fired in the area around 28th & Jackson.   Soon after that operators received an additional call from a victim at MLK & Jackson who said he had been shot and was bleeding.

Police arrived quickly and found the victim on the ground, described as a hispanic male with a gunshot wound to his right leg.  He said that he had been shot “by the group that hangs out in front of the general store” up the street at 28th & Jackson.   That area is commonly known as the home base of the Deuce8 gang.

The victim and two witnesses had walked down the street and into the store there without argument or other incident.  A few minutes later they came out of the store, turned left (westbound), walked a few feet, and heard up to 9 shots fired from about 15 feet behind them.  They then ran down Jackson to MLK where police later found them.  

Commenter Darren said that he and his wife were driving on 26th when they heard gunfire and the sound of a car skidding away.

Medics responded and transported the victim to harborview for treatment.  

We have not heard of any description of the suspects, and it appears that they are still at large.   But we did hear that the gang unit was involved in the investigation.

Traffic was blocked in both directions on Jackson for about 30 minutes while police conducted their investigation of the scene.   


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  1. There were gunshots that were VERY near to my house at around 10:30pm tonight. About 8 shots, 2 different guns. I live on the 900 block of 26th ave. and it seems like there has been a lot more unsavory activity than usual during the past few weeks.

  2. Yup, it was around 10:30pm on 26th-27th and Spring. In fact we had to wait on the phone forever to get through to 911 because so many people were calling it in. I’m fairly certain no one was shot but it was still pretty unnerving.

  3. I called 911 at 9:56 pm… I live near 27th and Union and heard 5 to 6 shots, definitely an automatic weapon… like Liz, it was so strange to be put on hold by 911! The dispatcher answered my call with, ” Are you calling about shots fired?” I was actually leaving to get in my car at the time so I looked down the street on 27th and there were several police cars around but no flashing lights. Truly unnerving. What’s up with the drive-bys? Is it 1989 again?

  4. Found it – multiple calls of shots fired around 27th & Spring. One caller reported seeing two people running southbound through the alley near there.

    Police and a K9 unit responded, but didn’t report finding anything of significance.

  5. is there any measure on the books that allows the city to shut down an obvious drug/crime ridden property?

    my wife said she heard these shots, i walked outside right around 10pm and didn’t see any police activity (this is at MLK and Union), which you normally do with a shooting (I cannot believe I am friggin’ writing about the usual procedures involved with a shooting. I’m embarassed. We should all be embarassed. This is pathetic. Truly sad. When people joke about the CD, I get offended. But after last night and the last week, it’s a joke. We just close our doors a little tighter and turn the TV on a little louder. Pathetic.

    Rant Over)

  6. The police blockade the entrances to certain neighborhoods at night and check id of everyone going in or out. They have been doing that for about 20 years near as I can tell.

  7. When we moved here a year and a half ago from Minneapolis, my husband and I shrugged off comments about moving into a “bad neighborhood,” figuring that it would be no worse than our neighborhood in MN. (Which, as graphically illustrated here, is probably true re: homicides:

    However, in MN, I didn’t worry about going for a run during the day, nor did I have to worry about going to our local grocery store. Here, I feel much more that I could end up in the wrong place at the wrong time while going about my daily business. And I’m more worried that our house will be broken into. I still am comforted by the low homicide rate here in Seattle, but I feel less safe overall.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is – I agree with Elvis. There’s something deeply wrong about what’s going on here. I don’t know what we can do about it – publicize the anti-violence/anti-gang marches a bit more? Have more block meetings/activities?

    Our neighborhood in Minneapolis had a neighborhood walking club. Maybe we should do something similar here? This is how they describe it:

    Lyndale Walkers
    Walking is a great way to:
    – Get to know your neighbors
    – Get some exercise (for you or your dog)
    – Continue to make Lyndale a safer place to live

    Membership is free and includes a fashionable yellow hat. Walking times and locations are flexible. Join with a neighbor! Get involved by contacting …

  8. This activity has been going on at 27th and Spring as long as I’ve been here ( 4 yrs. ) Neighbors have tried to make changes but the sad thing is that we are powerless to the dealers, prostitutes and pimps on that corner. Other than constantly calling 911 and being aware of our surroundings, there isn’t much more we can do. That makes me absolutely furious. The police are well aware (and have been for years) of what is going on. It’s the system that’s broken.

  9. The shooting happened two blocks from our home. We heard the shots. The gang and drug activity just on our corner (near Jackson) has increased significantly over the last couple weeks. Its to the point where I’m afraid to leave my house. I wrote a letter (email) to the SPD, asking in essence who I need to jump in bed with to see some police activity on my street. I have kids that are afraid to go outside. I’m afraid to walk to the Red Apple by myself anymore. What the hell? Any (ANY) advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Do you have ANYTHING constructive to say? I’m not sure I see the influence of the NAACP in the insufficient police response. Budgetary constraints perhaps, but you can’t really put that on “grievance-industry groups.” So, seriously – do you have suggestions about what we *should* do, rather than an off-topic rant about what we shouldn’t?

  11. I too heard the shots last night and my husband and I live a block from 27th and Spring, very scary. I just talked to some folks at SPD about possibly setting up a very small meeting with SPD and City Attorney to discuss what exactly can be done about this situation. To me, it sounds like “calling the cops” doesn’t work and short of them parking a full time police vehicle out front (which is not going to happen), we must think of creative solutions to this problem. Complaining is getting us no where. I want to know what civil or criminal actions have already been taken and if nothing, then what civil and criminal actions can we take. This is past the point of block watches (I think are a great thing) and complaining into the blog-o-sphere (Scott I do love the website). Also, quick question, has anyone explored this already and knows the answer?

  12. I’ve been hearing at meetings that juveniles cannot be incarcerated for property crimes, but I also read in the paper the other day of a “High Impact Unit” or some such that does exactly that. We need a meeting with SPD and juvenile court reps to get the real story.

  13. The Seattle Neighborhood Group has a program that helps people take civil action against properties that have ongoing criminal activity:

    The expert on that topic is out of the office until mid next-week, but when she gets back we plan on writing a story about their program and how people in the neighborhood can take advantage of it.

  14. Just sent her an email about this and am requesting what can be done civilly and criminally and am requesting a a meeting about solutions to this problems. I also tried to cc: Capt. McDonough. Do you have his correct email? I thought it was [email protected] but it bounced back. Thanks!

  15. Let’s face it. Our neighborhood is not on the radar of the SPD. We are given the tired excuse of lack of resources, i.e., not enough police. When violent crime is occurring in our neighborhoods why are the police downtown arresting crackheads who are committing non-violent crimes. We should speak up and demand that we be given the appropriate police protection. There is a known house dealing crack with a woman who has a $4,000 warrant on her. The police know and when asked about it they give excuses about not arresting her.

  16. I have heard for years that there is a specific house related to these shootings and multiple incidents of crime. can anyone tell me the address for my own safety.

  17. It’s really funny to see the outrage displayed on the blogs. This outrage was not evident when whites were not living in the neighborhood. The police only seem to care now that the demographics have shifted so dramatically. I just can’t stop laughing. People are so upset now that they have been exposed to it, but were where they during the 80’s and 90’s. Not in the CD. As a minority from the neighborhood, we should be ashamed and frustrated that the police and community only care now. This new found concern is due to the new found wealth and white skin in the neighborhood. This anglo run government created ghetto’s and now the anlgos that choose to move in are surprised by the anguish, frustration, pain, and violence commonplace in ghettos. Get a clue white people.

  18. REALLY why is when there is a problem that we deal wit and look at and have to face everyday with….. then critics come on these blog sites talk and type wat they dont know about why wont you just ask us

  19. I cant agree more with mg i was born and raised in the 206 now all these white people from “minneapolis” and wherever else they come from want to try and gentrify the shit out of the real seattle even native white people from the northwest can understand a little whats been happening I am disgusted more by these out of towners moving in and trying to take over then all the crime in the CD and any where else I will solve all your problems if you dont like how things are ran in the 206 take your ass back to minnesota or wherever you came from because traffic on i5 is already bad enough for real.