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Planning Application for daycare

Land Use Application to change the use of existing 2,400 sq. ft. single family residence to institution (child care center). No change in parking.

Address:  314 27TH AVE E

The following approvals are required: Administrative Conditional Use to allow an institution (pre-school) in a single family zone.


Other permits that may be needed which are not included in this application: Building Permit


0 thoughts on “Planning Application for daycare

  1. That street is REALLY narrow with cars parked on either side. Bad enough that the builders regularly block the street. We have been deperately waiting for that mess to end.

    They will have to build a place for drop offs, maybe a driveway around the building so parents can enter, line up and then exit.

    Else they will be treated to a daily dose of honking horns and calls to traffic enforcement.