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Deus ex Machina at Lee Center Thursday – Saturday

The UnRegistered: A 2008 Election Cabaret
Description: The UnRegistered: A 2008 Election Cabaret
Written by Andrea Allen and David Schmader

Directed by Allison Narver and Jack Bentz

DXM explores the motivations behind voter apathy through this community-inspired cabaret.

Deus X Machina (DXM) makes plays with and about local communities in Washington State. Artistic Director Jack Bentz brings together artists who share a desire to connect people with people, using plays as ways to share human experience and encourage community. Recent projects have included “La Pastorela St. Joseph,” a Christmas play blending input from Yakima residents with Mexican ritual theatre, and “The Tempest at NewHolly,” a community exploration of the relationships between parents and children via Shakespeare.

This past spring, DXM joined forces with SU students, setting out in search of answers to some serious questions. Why are Americans not voting? Why are young Americans not even registered? What are the stories behind the decision to stay home on Election Day? In the spring of 2008, they began the intensive listening process in the communities on both sides of 12th Ave. Participants knocked on doors up and down the 12th Ave. corridor to find out what makes a citizen and why people choose to vote…or not.

Playwrights Andrea Allen and David Schmader have gathered up all the results and transformed them into several short plays reflecting the motivations (or lack thereof) of one diverse Seattle community. Throw in a live band, election information, and voter registration and you have one heck of an evening designed to appeal to your inner founding father.

October 2, 3, and 4 at 8 p.m.

Lee Center for the Arts

Pay what you can, at the door


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