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CDNews Police Scanner – 10/2

The fall rain always seems to start too soon.   Here’s the soggy scoop:

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  1. Does anybody know what happened at Martin Luther King and Jackson around 7 pm I was on my drive home and there were about 13 cop cars a couple of ambulances and some fire trucks. Did somebody get shot?

  2. As we were getting into our car about 3 blocks away, we heard what sounded like gunfire from multiple weapons. Before we could call it in we saw cop cars descending on the area, so figured it was under control.

  3. I was walking down Jackson with my wife and had just turned onto 26th when we heard yelling and screaming followed by about 5 gunshots then heard a car skid and get away. We called 911 straight away and the police response was very quick, although we weren’t sure if they were caught.

  4. Being a recent victim of check fraud I am hoping it is the same guy they are catching this time.