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Coming Soon to 25th & Cherry: Twilight Exit

The Twilight Exit is on the move.  They’ve called Madison St. home since the early aughts, creating a friendly spot for neighborhood drinks since way back when that area was still the stalking ground of many a crack addict.

But their current home is slated for demolition, to be replaced by a

18 thoughts on “Coming Soon to 25th & Cherry: Twilight Exit

  1. It’ll be interesting to see if they have trouble with Garfield getting a permit. I believe that was the difficulty for La Louisiana. Perhaps we citizens need to send positive comments to help.

  2. I have never been into the convience store that is near the corner of 26th and Cherry in the same block, but I *assume* that they likely sell alcoholic beverages like most convience stores (but I don’t know that for sure). If they do, then that seems the more likely trouble spot for students from Garfield and Nova, so it would seem hypocritical to deny a license to an establishment that serves both food and drinks.

    I agree that we should send positive comments and hope it will not be a repeat of what happened at 25th and Union where many seemed to send positive feedback to multiple parties, but apparently a minority of nay sayers helped defeat the proposed establishment there by the Bottleneck owners.

  3. When La Louisiana was denied their license I had heard the same thing about the schools blocking the approval. I wrote the Liquor board a letter and called to ask about it too. I was told that La Louisiana hadn’t provided the proper background financial forms. The liquor board requires proof of ownership and sources of funding to make sure there are no straw licenses. They said that the schools were not an issue in denying the license. I think that since the Twilight already has an approved license that it will be no problem for them to move to this spot. Since the bar doesn’t allow kids under 21 it won’t affect the high school anyway, it’s not like they are selling six-packs to go.
    I think it is exciting to see new businesses making things happen on Cherry, especially locally owned and operated places. It would also be nice if there were more spots for the school kids on Cherry too.

  4. The Twilight is one of the reasons why I love this neighborhood, and not just because of the chicken-fried bacon BLT and Big BuckHunter. I’m so very glad they have (hopefully) found a new place to call home. I will gladly add my voice to those who support the move. Keep us posted, please!

  5. Looks like the Bottleneck may become my ‘local’ now. Cherry’s a bit of a hoof for me.

  6. Totally stoked! I never went to the madison loal but this is like three blocks from home and I am willing to learn.

  7. I was a fan of Twilight when I lived near them on Madison and now I live near Cherry street.
    Very excited about having a cool new bar in the area.

  8. I think there is because I am super stoked to have the twilight closer. I love that place and, frankly, don’t frequent it enough. Rad.

  9. This will be a nice rest stop when I feel like taking the #3 and hoofing it the rest of the way back to 29th & Jackson. I always tried to tell myself that 23rd and Madison was a decent local, but who was I kidding? Greg–meet you at the Twilight in approximately 2(?) months.

  10. I was at the Twilight a couple days ago and the bartender said they hope to be in the new location on Christmas day. And they will be open on Christmas, apparently. Looking forward to celebrating the holidays right with a chicken-fried-bacon BLT.

  11. I dropped by last night (Friday 12/5) for some post-work chicken fried steak and a whiskey sour and it was business as usual…I love that place. My understanding is they will close a few days before Christmas and then open at the new location a few days later.

  12. My husband and I have been fans of the Twilight for years, this is awesome. We’ve been living near 23rd & Jackson for years and have been itchin’ for a good place for drinks that’s not too far of a walking distance.

  13. Now I finally have the option of not having to listen to screaming brats at the Madrona Ale house.
    Not that it’s a bad watering hole, but?
    Will the Twilight be having live bands & Karaoke at this location?

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