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Chester Dorsey Moves Downtown

We earlier talked about the closed self-service carwash and the sale of the property under Chester Dorsey’s detailing business.  And I suppose it shows my weaknesses in journalistic investigation and persuasion that we could never get the real story from the actual business owners.   But I noticed yesterday that new signs have gone up at their 23rd & Madison location, announcing a move to the Safeco Plaza Building downtown (aka “The Box the Space Needle Came In”).

Now the question turns to what will be done with both of those properties?   Will we be left with vacant lots for months or years until the economy recovers?

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  1. If you want a low quality detail service done on your vehicle at a high price then that is what you will get at Chester Dorsey’s. I called to get a price from them for a full detail and they quoted me $325.00 for a Full detail and when I got there they said since my car was a four door and it was black it would cost me 400.00 plus tax. I went ahead and got the service and when I picked my car up there were a group of what looked like gang members standing around my car. I thought I was going to be robbed!

    Also they did not shampoo my carpets and there was still wax on my car. Not to mention all the swirl marks! I was very dissapointed with this service.

    I would not recommend having your car serviced there. Even to my worst enemy!