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CDNews Police Scanner – 10/28

From Seattle’s East Precinct, October 28, 2008

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  1. I saw the Pine check. Took the cop about 15 seconds. Most of it spent dodging a car and a motorcycle. Wouldn’t call it thorough. Guess a dangling woman would be obvious. Now that I know what he was looking for, I have to wonder what he would have done if he found her. I hope that if I’m ever hanging from an overpass they at least bring me a rope.

  2. If the address is actually closer to 27th then I think I know the case. Was working on the traffic circle last week with someone who lives at John and another neighbor came by and they had a looonng discussion about the guy that has been forced out of his house because of violence and drugs but persists in sleeping on the porch. He goes up to neighbors’ houses, pounds on their doors screaming for food. And he was looking mighty frozen with these cold nights. The neighbors were trying to connect with mental health and other resources. Hope he gets the help he needs.