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CDNews Police Scanner – 10/21

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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  1. Has anyone ever spoken with the owners of the Union Market on 21st and Union about the activity on their property? It just kills me every time I see activity there, which is often. I live nearby with my 2 kids, and it just gets harder and harder to justify keeping my family so close to such blatant crime.

  2. I’ve talked to the Market here and there but it’s never goes beyond the basics. “Have you noticed more activities?”, “What are you doing to about it?”, “Are you calling the cops?” they nod and say there is not much they can do. It’s typical, they just want to run their business and don’t really want to deal with the bad vibes that their business attracts. I live right across the street and see it happening everyday and I have a young kid too. I’m beside myself, I would like to see if we can organize as a group and see how we can tackle the “Market”. Any suggestions?

  3. Let’s be honest: there aren’t too many convenience stores that make good neighbors. Their cheap booze and snack food always attract a bad crowd. It’s due to the product mix, and I’m not sure there’s any way that good management can fix the problem. And if you take away the bad product mix, you take away all the items that provide the main margins for the business.

    But, for what it’s worth, the owner of the 21st & Union market was at last week’s EPCPC meeting, asking for police help for his corner. Even with some cooperation, I doubt we’ll ever have enough cops to be able to permanently park them on one corner to police a single business’s clientele.

  4. Yes, and he has been in on-going discussions with the police. I will say that they are diligent about sweeping and cleaning the sidewalk and parking strip directly adjoining the business. A new business model would be ideal. While Scott’s points are correct, the current model does not encourage new clientele or any hints to a new direction that they could try. An approach might be helful, but only after consulting with the police on where the current discussions stand. Hopefully an initial approach would not put them too much on the defensive. I have heard a rumor that the business is for sale. The police insist that 911 calls help them build a case for discussions.

    Leschi Market is one of only a few convenience stores that is successful and does not appear to have a negative impact on the neighborhood.

  5. The biz owners sort of talk to the police. They have their business model, they’re familiar & comfortable with it and I don’t think they’re going to change it any. They’re very friendly and approachable. I think they’re intimidated by the people hanging out at the entry. I’ve had several conversations with the owners, including efforts to get them or a potential buyer to sign a Good Neighbor Agreement. I’ve also worked with SPD to clean up the corner. We’re still working on it, but a new business there would sure help.

    The owners ARE looking for a buyer for the business, not the building, which is owned by Ezra. Anybody know anyone who has a business to relocate or wants to start a business? It doesn’t have to be a convenience store as Joanna points out, or it could be one more like the Leschi Market or one at 60th & Phinney, which has a fresh flower rack and cafe tables outside, very attractive and inviting. Oh, yes please, I’m begging now….

  6. Go visit the market on Union just west of 34th. It used to be a very iffy place. But, over the last ten years the owners have put in a great deli, and some produce and other stuff that works for the neighborhood. There is beer-wine and prepackaged junk food. But, it’s worked out pretty well and they have NO problem calling the cops.

    The main thing with them is that the neighbors do patronize and do ask for what they want.

  7. What about the tried and true method of piping nice audible CLASSICAL MUSIC to the sidewalks on both sides of the market? It’s worked like a charm for businesses all over the country and our downtown. It seems like the easiest thing they could do!

  8. I second your thoughts on the market at 34th and Union. They appear to be following a different business model than 21st and Union…. this includes freshly made sandwiches, quality wine, and other basic necessities that actually attract neighbors. They do not appear to be dependent on selling 40 oz malt liquor and cigarettes to make it.

  9. The owners at 34th and Union have multiple stores so a delegation from the 23rd and Union folks might go let them know about this opportunity….

  10. The Locksmith at 3rd/Lenora downtown offers an “All opera all the time” service on the sidewalk, and never has any lingerers under the overhang, despite the multiple social service agencies in the area.

    One performance of the Ring Cycle lasts about 16 hours, I think.

  11. so what’s it take to get 21st and Union Market to start playing music? Any suggestions as to how to approach them?