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Sub Shop Surfaces at 23rd & Union

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been watching some remodeling activity in the post office building at 23rd & Union, and now they’ve put up a sign that tells us what it will be:   Peacock Subs & Deli

None of the construction workers could say when it will open for business.  But there are tables and other furnishings already set up, so it shouldn’t be too long.  

Perhaps the renaissance of 23rd & Union is getting started ahead of schedule…

0 thoughts on “Sub Shop Surfaces at 23rd & Union

  1. I will not now or ever eat a peacock. I don’t care how much it increases the value of my home!

  2. They should possibly think about a different name. It’s just not that appetizing to think of a Peacock. Will your throat expand with feathers when you eat the sub?

  3. jseattle has it right. If these folks are any good, it’s going to take a lot of neighborhood support for them to succeed.

  4. Iwuz just kiddin. I’ll eat pretty much anything that tastes good. I luvs me a good sub.I am soooo hoping its a legit deli. Bring on the tongue and whitefish salad.mmmm Maybe a huge giant pickle too!

  5. Just thinking out loud here-but the last two sandwich shops located there both had their owners shot dead there-whomever is opening this one is one brave soul.

  6. Last I checked the 23rd & Union renaissance is a couple of decades behind schedule. I give huge Props to the new vibrant and vibrantly colorful Peacock for making something happen. I am hoping the food will be as colorful too. The round coffee place pre-Star used to make a really good Shwarma sandwich. I am looking forward to trying the Peacock.

  7. I went and tried their food over the weekend. I tried their philly steak sandwich and it was good and the place is extra clean. I was wondering too if they sell peacock meat. The owner said it is just a name and they never sell peacock meat. I suggested a name change and he said he will consider it once they become fully capable.