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Stand-off on 28th

I’m at the scene of this stand-off on 29th S. One suspect has come out. They’re calling on the PA for an additional man to come out. This is connected to the shots fired at the Red Apple that was in todays scanner report. The first people to come out of the house were two women and a baby. Then about 15 minutes later a teenaged man emerged and was taken into custody.

It’s not clear if the remaining person in the house is a suspect or just a resident. There’s repeated calls on the PA for them to come out or call 911 to speak to police.

Update: 2:03pm – still waiting. But my fellow looky-loos are getting restless. Says one: “there weren’t this many copsback when I had that robbery a couple years ago”

Update:. 2:25pm – still waiting. There’s been some movement of cops with ballistic shields, but that’s

Update: 2:45pm – the second occupant has surrendered peacefully. Police are preparing to enter the home

Update: 2:56pm – the house has checked clear. Standoff over Pics and video when I get back to the office

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  1. It’s amazing to me that KING 5 or KOMO 4 haven’t had a word about this on their sites, especially with a school in lock-down. Thanks again Scott for keeping us all up to date!

  2. I have witnessed groups of people hanging out in the parking lot on a regular basis for the last few months. When taking the 14 home from work two weeks ago, the bus stopped at the Red Apple. As it was pulling away a group approached the bus and one person hit a side window with his open palm and shattered the glass. The driver kept going and called his dispatch. Luckily no one was hurt.
    All of this criminal and aggressively threating activity is going to keep me from shopping at the Red Apple until something is done to make it safer. I certainly won’t bring my 2 year old daughter into the path of a possible bullet.

  3. Thats because they consider it the status quo here. We should demand coverage, as we are as out raged as any other neighborhood would be.

  4. Having the store in the strip mall adjacent to the Red Apple, I was able to witness the daily thuggery on a daily basis. Having my son beat up on a Sunday afternoon, made it clear that I made the right decision to leave. Shot have been fired before in the past six months in that lot. The Bank of America shooting, and then there was the random shots at the bus stop by Taco del Mar. I’m not sure what it will take to make it stop, but shutting down the Hip-Hop apparel emporium would be a start. It’s a magnet for the gangsta wannabes who cant be troubled to go to school