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Jeep Commado Still Fighting After 35 Years

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Typically, when a warlord takes over a third world nation, he does so at the wheel (or 50 caliber gun position in the bed) of a Toyota 4×4 pickup. But that is not the way it is done in the Central District! We attack in a 1973 Jeep Commando. Plenty of room for your vice presidente and gear. The 5 liter V8 in this Jeep produced a 210 horsepower wallop that will outrun any Soviet tank. And the bumper mounted winch ensures that no evil deed is left undone.

I know this one moves because it changes position on the street on a weekly basis. Whoa! Does that emblem on the front quarter panel clearly say “4 Wheel Drive”? Now Jeep (Chrysler, AMC, Cerebus, Daimler, who knows) over the last two decades has created a needlessly complicated matrix of driveline nomenclature: CommandTrak, InstaTrak, SelecTrak. Good grief. The remaining Jeep Commandos on the road today are still a security risk for all faltering dictatorships.

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