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Getting in Shape in the CD

Any suggestions for where to get your sweat on in the CD? I got my ass kicked by a pilates/springs class at the Body & Mind place last night. I used to drop in at the community center at 23rd & Cherry. You can use the gym there for $1/day or $10/month. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I’m a fan of Cappy’s! I really enjoy the classes.

    I’ve heard great things about the YMCA on 23rd as well and know there are a few yoga studios in the neighborhood although I haven’t been to any of them.

  2. I’ve being going to Everybody Health and Fitness for 5 years or so now and love it.

  3. My son has been taking classes at Kung Fu Kids/Seattle Kajukenbo, it is right next to Cappy’s. If you’re a student in high school, you can get a PE waiver and do Martial Arts instead. It is a much calmer and more respectful atmosphere than high school gym class. They seem to have a nice range of schedule options for kids and grownups. I, alas, am a lazybutt.

  4. I belonged to Everybody for a couple years. A great neighboorhood place, where the members are friendly (but not too friendly). I never felt any hesitation to use the weight room either. Also, depending on who your medical insurance is through, you may be able to get a discounted membership through Globalfit. You can look up the providers at I was paying $20/month.

    The only drawback is no classes (there is Jazzercise for an extra fee). Also, at least when I was a member, there were only a couple TVs and no way to get sound. I used to take my portable DVD player and rubber band it to the eliptical.

    I switched to Rain Fitness in South Lake Union so I could use more up-to-date equipment and classes. But it is a bit of a haul…

  5. $1 a day?! I’m supposing it is a pretty bare bones operation at the community center? Seems like a good plan that I would only have to pay when I’m not slacking off…

  6. I love the Meredith Matthews YMCA. I’m a regular there on the cardio, weights, and in the pool. Haven’t tried any of the classes, but they offer a wide variety and most are included in the price of the membership. I know that some people consider the Y to be expensive, but I’m happy with what I get for my money and, look at it this way, even if you don’t use your membership every single day, your dollars are going to support a very valuable part of our community that offers great youth programs.

  7. Hey Incredulous, I know it sounds crazy, and it was last year so I suppose it’s possible that the rates have increased, but even so, it’s a great deal. It is pretty bare bones, but they have all the basics. They have a few cardio machines, bikes, free weights and some basic weight machines too (leg extension, I think, among them) and those exercise balls. They also have a tv, a fan and some magazines. It is a small-ish room in the recreation center at 23rd and Cherry, but plenty of room for a few people to work out at once. Almost every time I was there I had the place to myself (which meant I got to control the tv – wooo hoo!). Only real downside is the hours. They aren’t open super early or super late. But still, good deal I thought.

    Also, for what it’s worth, I’ve heard rumors of central district neighbors having rights to use the Seattle University gym. Ever since I moved here I’ve heard about it from other neighbors, though no one I know is taking advantage of it. Has anyone else heard of this? What’s the deal?

  8. The Samarya (Yoga) Center is another great neighborhood resource ( I’ve taken classes there on and off for the past few years. Unlike most other yoga studios, they’re a non-profit with a mission of bringing yoga and yoga-based movement therapy to the community. The teachers vary in style, but are generally well-versed in yoga and some teachers are excellent. Their classes are cheaper than most other places ($8 for regular classes, a free Saturday class, and some targeted free classes at other times, like a Spanish series they recently offered).

  9. It’s $2 now, or $10/month. Still a great deal, and I agree with other commenter about the room.. has basic equipment and usually no one else in there, but doesn’t open until 11am most days. :(

    Also, I believe it’s SCCC that allows community members access to their gym, not Seattle University. Info on their website.

  10. I thought I had been to most of the gyms and some of yoga studios in the area and am having a difficult time picturing the gym at 23rd and Cherry. I’ll just have to walk down there. Where is it exactly?

    I found Meredith Matthews YMCA to be extremely convenient, friendly, and liked that they had a basketball court; but quite a few years (maybe 8) ago my family switched to Gold’s on Broadway for more access to a wider variety of trainers and classes. The Gold’s family membership at the time was a great deal and we still have a good deal. If you like to swim, Gold’s does not have a pool.

    Yoga at the Samarya Center and Seattle Yoga arts are great. I like Greg’s Yoga classes at Mind and Body. There are other newer of lesser-known studios that probably deserve review. But, several of the yoga and fitness classes at Gold’s are terrific, and since the membership covers those it is just too good a deal Dance classes at Spectrum Dance theater are also worth checking out, along with other dance studios in the area.

  11. Took me a couple of weeks but I finally made it to the boxing fitness class at Cappys’s Gym. Day-am! It was really hard but really fun too. Supportive atmosphere, good tunes, a whole lotta sweating. Who knew punching was so fun?! On the downside, it turns out that I can barely jump rope and I’m hobbling around like an 80 year old today. I hurt in places I didn’t know I had “muscles.” Can’t believe I paid to feel this way. But I am so going back. You know, just as soon as I can walk. :)