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CDNews Police Scanner – 9/17

All the news from Wednesday, September 17th, 2008:

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  1. 1:37PM – Belmont & Lakeview E. – Cycling Obstruction – Occupied vehicle blocking the bike path (a slow news day so far…)
    Cycle there most days. The bike trail starts off where the street ends. The start of the bike path there is poorly marked, and drivers are tempted to treat the narrow blacktop as a road rather than a bike path!

    It used to be closed to cars with a metal post, but the City employees clearly got tired of replacing mangled bent posts!

  2. These people have been moving their van, or “home”, around capitol hill every couple of days. I see them often. They were parked right outside my apartment for about a week until they got a tow notice on their windshield. When they finally moved elsewhere, they left a heap of garbage and dirty laundry behind on the sidewalk. Nice.

  3. I guess I had to share and correct todays date…Wednesday, September 17, 2008……It was a lovely day now there is a beautiful moon over our area.