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Fearsome Trike Visits A Local Church

Welcome to Curbside In The CD, where remarkable daily drivers are celebrated when I can catch them with my camera.

I’ve seen this potential trike of Count Dracula parked near a local church several times over the last couple months. Perhaps the Count is repenting his blood sucking ways. . . . Reliable sources tell us in the Central District not to be fooled by the Illinois license plates; this Reaper of the Road is here to stay. This trike is a conversion kit affair with a Volkswagen 1600cc motor in the back, including the four speed transmission and running gear. It comes luxuriously equipped with an AM/FM cassette player and nice passenger accommodations behind the pilot’s seat for one large girl or two small girls. Plus it has both a wheelie bar and trailer hitch! Keeping the Count prepared for any weekend plan.

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