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Dear Crave

We heard that you’re losing your current space on Capitol Hill.  You were on the side of the hill that is reasonably walkable from the CD, so we were able to enjoy your breakfasts and dinners every so often.  We’d hate to think that we might lose that option, so we’d like to present you with a range of relocation options in our neighborhood.

Now just wait a second.  Please hear us out.  We’ve got a growing neighborhood of food-loving folks, but not a lot of good sit-down restaurants we can call our own.  Sure, we’ve got a neighborhood institution, some great fast food joints, several great coffee shops, and some cozy neighborhood bars.   But our per-capita count of good breakfast and dinner options is very low (breakfast especially).

That means there’s a great opportunity for you!

To save you some time, we’ve taken the liberty of arranging a virtual tour of Central District locations for you to choose from:

1.  22nd & Madison – There’s several prime spaces available in this block, all with good street exposure and several hundred people who live right upstairs.  And soon there will be two more large apartment buildings with street retail just one block west, letting you get in on the ground floor of a neighborhood retail revolution.  And just a block and a half to the east, Crush and The Bottleneck have proven that there’s potential in this part of the neighborhood.

2.  23rd & Union – In 2010 there will be a great new 5-story building with two retail spaces on the ground floor.  Now I know you (and we) can’t wait that long, so consider two temporary spots across the street that would allow you to establish yourself and then make a seamless transition to the new space.  For example, you could create a bold statement by putting a nice restaurant in the former home of a sandwich shop, or we could replace an under-used SPD drop-in office just across the street with a much more delicious option.   Either way, you’d be within quick walking distance of a lot of great neighbors who would support and love you forever.

3.  23rd & Cherry – This building is under renovation now and could accommodate you very soon.  It’s got big windows and great street visibility at a bustling intersection, with ample street parking nearby.   Our previous discussion of this space shows the strong demand for your kind of business in the neighborhood and indicates that you could develop a strong following of breakfast patrons any day of the week.


So please consider our little neighborhood as you scout out your next location.  We’d love to have you, and would be thrilled to call you one of our own!


The Central District

0 thoughts on “Dear Crave

  1. Where is Philadelphia Fevre on this list of CD greats? Despite the lacking decor and somewhat gruff wait staff, when I think of things I miss about the CD this establishment tops the list by virtue of it’s amazing artery clogging sandwiches.

  2. Dear Crave:

    I second the request to have you move to our neighborhood and tap into those of us who would love to have and support you here! Particularly if you moved to 23rd Ave and Cherry St!

  3. I’d happily welcome Crave over at one of the new developments on Jackson (btwn 20th & 12th). But I’d also make the trek over to 23rd and Cherry. This neighborhood needs some good weekend breakfast joints.

  4. It is so hard when a thriving little business is thrown up to the wind through no fault of their own. Especially one that is such a nice amenity for us all. I hope that Robin lands on her feet and I would love to welcome her to the neighborhood if that is what works out. Best wishes to Robin, and to us for all of the opportunities we have here.

  5. Great idea, Scott. I’ll cast my vote for the space at 23rd & Cherry. There are a cluster of other breakfast/brunch places at 34th & Cherry (St. Clouds, Hi-Spot) and they often have a wait on weekends. The spot at the old Dilettante outlet would be nice – it’s two bus routes and within walking distance of a lot of people who don’t have another brunch place to easily walk to. A restaurant /cafe would be great, since the spot (across from a community center and a block from Garfield) is unlikely to be able to get a liquor license.

    So check it out, Crave.

  6. There is another spot on Cherry between 25th and 26th that was previously JoAnna’s. It is a nice space and is already set up as a restaurant. I love CRAVE and would be thrilled to have it in our neighborhood.

  7. A few weeks ago I noticed a sign in the window of the old Joanna’s spot. It said something like “Cherry Street Grill”. Last week I noticed a new sign and it says a Mexican Restaurant- opening soon. I gladly welcome either of those options. A decent restaurant within walking distance of my house would be great!

  8. Now there is a “for lease” sign in the window. I was really hoping for Mexican restaurant or a good old American grill. It says it is a “turn key restaurant.”

  9. There is a space a couple doors down from the catfish corner on E. Cherry that has been for rent for a long time – definitely needs some work, but has potential I am sure. There was also a small restaraunt space at 30th and E. Cherry that just was upgraded/renovated. Not sure if it rented or not yet – but a nice space.