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First Look: new apartment building at 23rd & Main

Via the fantastic hugeasscity blog, architects have released the first renderings for the new development on the northwest corner of 23rd & Main.  Permits filed earlier in the year describe a 4 story building with 13 apartments and a basement parking garage.

Architects say that the new building will be 60% more efficient than a traditional building of similar size, using various technologies to capture waste heat from plumbing and exhaust ducts and even adding solar arrays to the roof.

The old single family house (at some point converted to an office) will be demolished.

And another big project is planned across 23rd from there, where Catholic Family Services is planning a 4 story, 13 unit apartment building, it’s now grown to 51 residential units and 2,300 square feet of ground floor retail space. 

0 thoughts on “First Look: new apartment building at 23rd & Main

  1. Are there any drawings available of the Catholic Family Services project? It’s concerning that the plan is to leave the current building in place and add to it.The current building is a neighborhood blight. It’s horrible looking as well as being perpetually littered and uncared for. This does not bode well for the new project.

  2. and the visual interest in front. There is always the fear of buildings just being a row of boxes butted right up to the street….

  3. They’re not adding to it, but they’re constructing the new building next to it (where their current parking lot is).

    Rumour has it the building is intended as halfway housing. That plus 2300sqft of Liberty Loans and other tripe don’t thrill me. :-(

    That said, the design for 23rd and Main looks delightful.

  4. FWIW, here’s a snippet from the architect’s presentation for the Catholic Services building:

    Twenty six units would be for tenants with incomes at 30 percent of Adjusted Median Income (AMI) and 25 units would be for tenants with incomes between 30 and 50 percent of AMI. Retail spaces would front 23rd Avenue.

    I believe that means if you make more than about $25,000 a year, you can’t live there.

  5. Sorry for spamming the thread, but I found the detailed site layout and visual mockups of the Catholic Services apartments (“Village Spirit”):