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CDNews Police Scanner – 9/29

All the best from a beautiful fall day:

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  1. in the past month, i have had two instances that i know of where someone jimmys the door handle to my apartment, presumably to see if it is unlocked. my door leads directly outside, and i can see through the window when the person walks away. thankfully my dog ALWAYS lets me know right away as soon as the person gets near the door, so I usually catch a glimpse of who it is. the barking is also a pretty good deterrent, it seems. both incidents occured at dusk and the culprit looks to me like a transient. not sure if it is different people or if it was the same person both times. also not sure if this is happening more when I am not home. I live on 12th Ave near Denny.

    anyone else experiencing anything like this?

  2. Police have said that this is a common way that burglars case their targets. They try the door to see if it is locked and if it will set off an alarm. If not, they make their move.

    Always call 911 when this happens, and give operators as much description as you can of the suspect and the direction they took off in.