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Umoja Parade:!3{2}Bigger & Better

Maybe my worries about our neighborhood parades were misplaced.   After several years when they had been getting shorter and shorter, this year the Umoja folks turned things up a few notches.   The had so much participation that the cops moved the starting line from Union to Cherry to avoid having the lineup block traffic all the way down on Madison.

Here’s some pictures of the highlights:

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  1. Yesterday as the parade was getting ready to go to Cherry street the Zulu “Love, Peace, Unity, and having Fun” group was standing in front of my house on 23rd ave for about 40 mins, there was a lady in the group that borrowed my sons stroller and promised to return it after the parade. She was in the 3rd row with a lil’ boy about 1 or so. She was wearing a blue/green shirt and black pants her friend was wearing jeans and a white shirt with a black and gold hat on if anyone knows who she is or how to contact her, that would be great. I do realize this is kinda petty searching for a $15. 00 stroller, but I have 3 kids and dont have money to just give away. I sure didn’t think I would be ripped off from someone in the “Love, Peace and Unity” group. You can email me at [email protected] Thank you!

  2. Was the lady with the pink furry guitar a member of Parliament/Funkadelics ?
    I am glad folks had a safe and enjoyable parade.
    I could not make the parade i hope to see ya’ll next year .

  3. Watching the planners of this parade trying to get everyone going and evenly spaced out was a joke. Next year they should hire someone with a clue about how a parade should look.

  4. “I sure didn’t think I would be ripped off from someone in the “Love, Peace and Unity” group.”

    Lemme hold a quarter