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CDN Police Scanner – 8/04

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Monday, August 4, 2008

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  1. Anyone know any details about what happened around 11PM last night on 23rd and Fir? Police pulled over a car, guns drawn. I think they took them away and towed the car. Anyone know anything else about the event?

  2. Sounded routine, in an apartment. But those usually don’t generate much radio traffic either way. We’ll keep an eye out for the police report

  3. 4:25PM – E. Howell & Lake Washington Blvd. – Exposure – Group of nude sunbathers in the park. White males, white females
    Denny Blaine Park?

    BTW: coming soon:

    World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR):
    Sun, Aug 17, 2008 (Ride 8) Start location at Denny Blaine Park (10 AM Body painting, 1 PM ride starts) First leg of ride goes to Group Health Bicycle Saturdays & Sundays event on Lake Washington Blvd. and going around Seward Park

  4. Any info on the late-night (say, 1:30am) scary shotgun sounds just south of Volunteer Park from the night of August 2nd/morning of August 3rd? I know there were a number of 911 calls that prompted some squad car visits and even a helicopter flyover.

  5. This is a famous long standing clotes optional beach. The police used to come in and ticket people but not for a long time. Recently the Parks Dept. cut down the bushes and trees that provided screening from the upper road. Apparently this action “exposes” the beah to lookers.
    Leave this beach alone, it is a respit needed along Lake Washington.

  6. from what i’ve heard, SPD likes to take breaks by that beach for the….hmmm…view

  7. Does anyone know what was going on there? I saw about 10 police cars speed to that area, then the cops jumped out of their cars and sprinted down the street.

  8. People! There is no need to dial 911 when you spot sunbathers. It is not illegal or suspicious. They probably help keep the beach/area cleaner than they found it. Why can’t 911 operators ask callers questions like every other call. Like what are they doing? Is anyone in distress? This is not a report of property damage or sex in public. These are citizen enjoying one of a dozen locally-known places which have been used for naked sunning and swimming for decades!