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Sharing the Wealth

Central District News is a community site.   Anyone can join and post a story on the site – all it takes is an email address and an internet connection.

Yesterday we launched our paid advertising on CDNews.   And as community site, we don’t think it would be very fair for us to sell advertising and make huge bucks off of the backs of people who give us stuff for free.   So, we’ve built the advertising system to enable revenue sharing for our best contributors.

Here’s how it works:

  • You post at least three stories a month that make it to the front page (totally our call based on the quality of your writing and interestingness of the content)
  • You send us an email with your full name and mailing address, and tell us you want to get paid
  • Our accounting supercomputers will keep track of how much advertising revenue is made from the ads displayed on your story, and it will put 50% of that revenue into your account in the system
  • Once a month our crack financial team will look at your account and send you a check for any amount over $50.

As a side benefit, advertisers can sign up and know that they’re supporting the contributions of a wider group of people in the neighborhood, and not just paying for our mahogany paneled offices and lavish caviar lunches here at Central District News World Headquarters.

So if you’ve got something to share, please give it a try.  We want more great content that puts unique stories with different points of view on the site.  And now you’ve got a financial incentive to set aside a few minutes to do it.  

Be sure to check out CHS’s great tips about how to be a great neighborhood blogger.

0 thoughts on “Sharing the Wealth

  1. Neat idea! Administrative overheard sounds like a nightmare though! But interesting way of encouraging content.

    Now the question is if this model which very much mirrors television advertising in its reward structure will lead to similar tactics for people trying to game the system. IE, sensationalist stories get the most viewers and are thus rewarded and thus that’s all you ever see any more. I suppose the top level green lighting will keep that in check.

    Good work.