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Home Sales Update – 3 Big $$ Homes Still Sit Empty

Way back at the beginning of the year when this site was but a wee lad, we did a story on several high-priced homes that had been on the market for a long time.    Now it’s 8 months later, and all three homes are still looking for buyers:

1.  820 21st Ave – A new construction house that took over a long-vacant lot, and introduced 21st Ave to the world of unfriendly front fences.    It’s seen a price drop from $879,000 down to $819,000 (only $4,141 a month with 20% down).  But this one could have a happier story soon:  Windermere says that there is a contingent offer to buy it.

2.  824 21st Ave – This big remodeling project on a house built in 1900 still sits empty, and has been since 2005.   The price has dropped since January from $643,000 to $550,000.   That’s a full $200,000 lower than what it was originally listed at several years ago.   And the most painful part:  the current owners, evidently flippers, paid $625,000 for it back in 2006.   Details available on Redfin.

3.  2315 E. Columbia – This massive, newly constructed, 4,095 square foot house has now been on the market for 18 months.   The only change is that the price has dropped from the astronomical $1,000,000 level down to $899,000.  Evidently that’s still too high.   Details available on Redfin.

Anyone else have any slow moving for-sale properties in their part of the neighborhood?

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  1. That in this day and age of lower birth rates, that ANY ONE FAMILY could live in 4000-5000 sqft home within walking distance of downtown Seattle. Even my sister, who has a 4500 sqft house in the MD howling ex-burbs, turned one floor into a 1000 sqft apartment that she rents out cheap to young couples she knows, leaving 3500 sqft for a family of five…..

  2. The yellow victorian on E. Spring between 18th & 19th has been on the market for several months, at just under 900k

  3. Regarding the comment about “lower birth rates”, I work at a preschool and of the people having kids, we’re seeing a continued trend of 3 and 4 kid families.

  4. What’s so mind boggling about wanting space in the city? Besides raising families, which do seem to be getting larger again, lot’s of people work from a home office, rent out rooms, shack up their siblings/parents/nephews/etc, or like to throw big parties. Or maybe they just want some room to stretch out after spending their youth living in a 150 square foot studio in Manhattan.

  5. It’s a craftsmen that is priced significantly lower than the above examples. According to our agent, almost nothing in any price range is selling in Seattle right now except for in a few stalwart neighborhoods like North Capitol Hill, and even these neighborhoods have slowed down considerably. Clearly, there are macroeconomic factors at work, but all of the crime that is publicized here and in the daily newspapers isn’t helping the cause. We’ll likely take ours off the market next month and rent it out.

  6. Everybody, please keep an eye on these houses. There is an empty house on 24th that thieve broke into and stole the copper wiring. In the process, they also stole the cover off the meter base, exposing anyone who might happen to touch it to the 240v feed from the pole.

    Luckily, the meter reader let somebody know, and City Light sent a crew out to cut the power, but the readers only come by every two months. There have been other instances where theives have also stolen the copper plumbing, leaving the structure to flood, which can cause mildew and major structural problems.

    If you see any exposed wiring, or evidence of copper theft, call City Light/SPU at 684-3000 so they can investigate.

  7. One of these homes sits next door to a house that has 4 large dogs that bark constantly day and night. I feel sure this is the main reason that house has been sitting so long.