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Police Neighborhood Drop-In Center at 23rd & Union

I saw the old pharmacy at 23rd and Union is now listed as a Seattle Police Neighborhood Drop-In Center. Does anyone here know exactly what that means? What does a drop-in center offer? Has it been there long and I am entirely unobservant?

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  1. Type: “Drop-In Center” into the search bar at the top. There are a bunch of different articles about it posted over the last few months here ;)

  2. Wonderful, thanks! Are donations of items still being requested? I like this idea very much.

  3. This was opened in February of this year, but the sign did not go up until June or July. It is a place for police officers to drop in and take their breaks, do paperwork, get coffee, etc. It also serves as a base for the GOTS (Get Off the Streets) program on Tuesday afternoons. Hopefully it will also be used for positive interaction by police officers with local businesses, residents, and visitors.

    It resulted from a confluence of availability of the space with a movement by the surrounding residents, beginning last September, to help turn around the ambience of a neighborhood that has been struggling in many ways. Local residents held a work party last February to clean up and stock the space for use by the officers.

    Apparently it is used mostly at night, but there are opportunities to greet the officers when they do come and go during daylight hours, and I would encourage interested locals to do so and to use the occasion to ask questions, express concerns, or whatever, in order to facilitate the interface we had hoped for.