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Pb:!3{2}Planning Big for 12th Ave

Last week Bill gave us a heads-up about the design review for the new mixed-use building at the corner of 12th & Fir. Designed and developed by Pb Elemental (advertisers on the site), it’s a pretty big project, with 4,500 sq. ft. of ground floor retail and 18 loft-style apartments.  

If you can’t make the design review, the digital files of the presentation are available on the DPD website to give you a preview of what will be discussed.    If you browse through the files, you might notice a page that includes some long-range plans for the two properties to the north of 151 12th Ave.   I spoke to James Ellison from Pb Elemental this morning, and he described those as being only in the most preliminary stages, with nothing concrete at this time.

Here’s some architectural renderings we’ve pulled out of the presentation:

View from the northwest:

Looking north from Fir:


Interior Shots:

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