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our chance to shine

we were the victims of cd crime(again), but it was the weekend so we missed our shot at making the cd news. my family and me were having a mellow sunday afternoon when a police officer knocked on our door and asked if our car had been stolen, of course I looked at him and said “I don’t know has our car been stolen? well to my suprise our 95 accord wagon was involved in a hit and run down the street.  The catch is that it had been stolen the night before by our very young neighborhood friends somehow thought it was safe to come back within two blocks of our house.   The whole time I was talking to the police at the scene I kept waiting for the cd news to show up and make me  famous, but to no avail.  in case you don’t know there is a very problematic house on twenty third between marion and columbia where our young friend ran into after the crash where he was apprehended, identified by a witness and arrested.  This was the third time our honda was stolen and this time they/he totaled it.  Interestingly enough there was much more damage to the car than just that specific accident which crushed the front bumper.  The sides and rear were all smashed up as well, it must have been quite a night.  ahhh, youth is wasted on the young…

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