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Gas Price Mysteries

Anybody understand why Richlin’s has by far the MOST EXPENSIVE gas in the Seattle area (Regular is $4.09)? It’s not as though we’re all rolling in money and won’t notice the extra! BTW, given that gas is $3.85 at 23rd/Cherry, why does anybody stop at Richin’s?

(yes, yes, I know there’s a 45 cent debit card charge at 23/Cherry)

0 thoughts on “Gas Price Mysteries

  1. Same reason we have bad bus service, the Red Apple is poor excuse for a food market, and our crime problem is never abated. If they think they can get away with it they will. As one person at the Red Apple put it, “we are a food stamp store, that is our main business, and they won’t shop anywhere else”.

  2. They used to have good fried chicken. I have no idea why people pull in to buy gas, but they do.