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25th and Union Bus Shelter Response from Metro

In response to the concerns about the bus shelter at 25th and Union (including my own eyewitness account of smoking and drinking yesterday at 6:15pm), I inquired with folks I know at Metro about this issue. Here is the response.

Mr. Elvis,
Your request for assistance at the Metro bus shelter at 25/Union, has found it’s way to my desk. I am the Operations Captain for the Metro Transit Police.

I have asked our patrol deputies and plain clothes Deputies to spend time there as they can. We are a small but dedicated division and I’m certain that you will see a difference soon. I will also pass this information along to Seattle Police.

Please let me know if I can assist you further, Lisa

Captain Lisa Pepin
Metro Transit Police
King County Sheriff’s Office

Now, I think a larger issue exists with respect to the actual design of the shelter (i.e…it’s back faces the street, making it very hard to police), but this is a good first step.

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  1. Good job, Elvis! Please let us know what progress (or not) you notice. I have used that bus stop a lot in the past, but less often recently, partly because of the problem we’re discussing.