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Seattle East Scanner – 7/22

Like or hate the new name for these posts?  Leave a comment below.  Otherwise things have been very quiet on the scanner for the last couple of hours.

0 thoughts on “Seattle East Scanner – 7/22

  1. It’s a Police Scanner and we’re in the East Precinct, so “East Precinct Scanner” would be entirely appropriate, IMHO, unless that would make people think it’s run by SPD.

    We realize that the awkwardly named East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition works with the East Precinct but is not run by it, so I think we could cope with East Precinct Scanner.

  2. On “Seattle East”: there’s a truck plaza on I-90 in North Bend named “Seattle East”. You might not want to be confused with it, or then again you might.

  3. Our theory is that “East Precinct Scanner” isn’t very good for people doing Google searches for the info. 98% of people won’t know or think of East Precinct.

  4. Why not just call it Scanner or CD Scanner? I’m not sure how that works with google searches, but most people who read the site regularly will know what it is? If you want google, I could with “Central District Police Scanner” or something.

  5. See the discussion from last week:

  6. I liked last week’s suggestion of “Central District News Scanner.” That’s precisely what it is, and the name does not exclude any of the other areas that get mentioned. It includes whatever the CDN puts in! It names the primary focus. The focus customer is those of us who already live here, not wannabe’s who Google our news.

  7. …” Scanner”?

    That way people will know the “CentralDistrictNews” is the site name, not a description of the entire coverage area of the scanner…

  8. I liked the CD and Lesser Neighborhoods or maybe Greater CD and environs. Both seem to refer to the CD which is where the CD news is located, while at the same time clearly indicating that other areas are included.

  9. If Googlability is a concern, it seems you’d want to explicitly name all the relevant neighborhoods so you show up in searches for them as well. That’s where subtitles and abstracts come in handy.

    My suggestion:

    Title: “Tales from the East Precinct Scanner”
    Subtitle: “Police scanner reports for Seattle’s Central District, Capitol Hill, Madison Valley, Madrona, and Leschi neighborhoods.”

  10. Seattle Scan East. Sounds friendly to me. Let’s share the LOVE. After all, Seattle, we are in this together.

  11. I agree with Carolyn. My vote is for “Central District News Scanner” for the aforementioned reasons. I think adding the “.com” might be pushing it.

    Here is a suggestion: How’s about putting up an online poll with a list of potential names? Only allow Registered members to vote. This, in turn, will boost registered membership and (hopefully) cause more people to participate on CDN. Two birds with one stone.

  12. Seattle East was called Kens Truck Town before it became Seattle East ( stepping off point for Goldmeyer Hotsprings).
    East Precient Police Blotter?

  13. Seattle Central Area Scanner
    Seattle Central Neighborhoods Scanner
    Seattle East Central Scanner
    Seattle East Central Neighborhoods Scanner
    “Scanner from Seattle neighborhoods, not including: North Seattle, Magnolia, Ballard, Interbay, Fremont, Eastlake, South Lake Union, Cascade, Downtown, the ID, West Seattle, or anything south of 90”
    East of 5, South of the Cut, West of the Lake, North of 90 Scanner
    Tales from tha Hood