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Scanner – 7/8

I love, love summer.  It’s a slow crime day so far – here’s the update reported from the back deck of CDNews World Headquarters:

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  1. saw a cop stop going east on union and then do a u turn and stop b/w 26th and 27th on union with his lights on.

  2. didn’t hear anything about that – might have been dispatched via computer

  3. yeah, i got the feeling that it was stepped up patrol. they were going very slowly and really looking for anybody on the side of houses, etc.

    i think getting some bikes would be 100 times more effective. Cars are easy to detect, whereas bike cops sneak up on you.

  4. Completely agree – we need 2x more cops, and all of them on foot or bike. And we should probably remove the in-car computers too – or at least make them disabled when the car is in motion. I’m sure the in-car computers improve dispatch efficiency, but most of the time I see cops driving around, their head is buried in the damn computer screen and they’re not seeing any of the stuff that’s happening right around them

  5. i remember Captn McDonough promising more foot cops during the meeting at the church a few months ago, but I’ve yet to see a cop walk a beat in the CD

  6. East Precinct/Seattle Neighborhood Group check in regularly with this website?
    It’s such a well organized and condensed way of information gathering. Has anyone told Captain McDonough or the Neighborhood Group about this site? I would LOVE to see some of those folks commenting or asing questions.

  7. I saw a pair of bike cops on Cherry and 23rd a few days back. First time I’ve seen that.