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Kids hanging out at night at Bradner Pl S and S Ju

Hello everyone – Many thanks for this wonderful resource!

I’m a homeowner near the intersection of Bradner and S Judkins. Last night around 10:30 I observed an old-style sedan with at least four passengers – young black men (sorry if I offend anyone here but that’s what I saw). They stopped their car in front of my house, partially blocking the driveway. Two got out, and they hung there for quite a while. I called police because after the shooting in the neighborhood I’m not taking any chances – I did not get the sense that this car belonged in the neighborhood. I was told a squad car would come by but I did not see one, and the car eventually left. I tried to get the license number as they drove off but couldn’t get the full number. Just FYI – please be aware of groups of people, and of cars, that don’t seem to belong, and let the police know. The vibe I got from this group was not good.

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