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CDN Police Scanner – 7/25

It’s Friday, and so far a very quiet day:

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  1. yes, king 5 reported a body found under the 520/Montlake bridge this morning indeed!

  2. That would explain all of the helicopters over Montlake this morning (around 6:30 a.m.). Thanks for the info.

  3. I was jogging along the path that passes under Rt 520 from Montlake Community Center and was stopped by a yellow police tape. I could see three policemen standing over a body lying next to a bike. The biker had to have been dead since the three police were not attending to the biker at all. They looked like they were waiting for a crime investigation squad. I continued my run elsewhere. Moments later I saw a KIRO film team moving toward the scene and what looked like unmarked SUVs driven by detectives wearing shades. It did not look like a suicide or an accident since the biker seemed to be entangled in his bike and on a flat straight stretch of path. Also, why else would the heliocopter circle for two hours other than look for a perpetrator? I am surprised I have not read anything about it. As a neighbor who uses that path often in the morning, I’d like to know if it is safe.