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Two People Assaulted by Vehicle Near Safeway

Just shortly before 6:00pm a man driving a blue Subaru hatchback struck two men a man and a woman in the gravel parking lot across from the 23rd & Madison Safeway. According to police, the suspect is known to the victims. At this time, the victims are alert and conscious, but the extent of their injuries is unknown. Police are searching for the suspect vehicle which left the scene. Friends of the victim think the suspect may be headed to his home in Burien.

We’ll post more info as we get it.

Update: We have learned that the victims are members of the Twilight Exit softball team. They were involved in a fight that started in the bar and moved to the parking lot where the suspect struck the victims with his car.

Update x2: by scott – I just got back from the scene. The good news is that the victim (I only saw one) was alert and talking as they were loading him into the ambulance. Friends of the people involved were reluctant to say much about the incident, but they did confirm that it started as a fight between friends. We’ve also got some video we’ll be uploading soon.

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  1. Thanks for being right on this, even on a week end. I heard all the sirens, saw the “14 per rule” designation on the 911 Incident report, and feared something similar to the Philly Cheese Steak episode. Was relieved when it cleared quickly on the 911 screen but I stayed worried till I saw your report (not that I’m not still concerned about it happening – I am! – but I’m glad that at least it wasn’t as dire as it sounded at first). Good job, cdguy!

  2. Please let us know how you’re doing after the accident. It looked pretty awful at the scene.

  3. The driver and the victim (guy) had a fight in the bar. Afterward, around midnight, I talked to the driver and he doesn’t remember anything after the fight. He doesn’t even remember getting home. After hearing the story from all of his friends, the driver called the police and turned himself in the next morning. The victim beat up the driver so badly that he got a concussion. He has the CAT scan and the hospital bills to prove it. The doctor’s said that’s why he doesn’t remember anything. I’ve known the driver for years. He’s a drunken retard. But he would never ever intentionally hit his friends with a car. Even after getting beat up. I’m not by any means excusing him of responsibility. But again – drunken retard. Not malicious psycho. He has tried to talk to the victims, but he doesn’t have Trip’s number, and the girl won’t return his calls. Understandably. I’m just saying… there’s more to the story.

  4. Why would I return the phone calls of a “friend” who intentionally hit me with his car? Concussion or not, it happened and I had nothing to do with the fight in the bar (other than trying to be a friend and calm the situation down)….I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and now I have to live with the horrible knowledge that for whatever reason my good friend ran me down. Forgiveness is important and very much needed in this situation and I am planning on getting to that point…eventually. It’s only been a week and I really am too angry right now to speak with him.

    Oh, and another thing…people suffer concussions all the time and last I checked most of them don’t commit terrible acts of violence following them. I’m just saying….

  5. Except that HE DID INTENTIONALLY HIT HIS FRIENDS WITH A CAR!!!!!! It started as horse play. However when I tried to calm it down the “driver” kept it going. Hell I even bought the guy a drink. Ask him if he remembers that. I gave him several opportunities to let the situation die, he chose instead to continue. I don’t feel particularly good about the outcome of our confrontation, however I did make it quite clear that if he continued down the path he was on it would not bode well for him. As to how his concussion happened, that’s up in the air for me. Going to the doctors 24 hours after the incident and claiming that I gave him a concussion, little fishy. How about the telephone pole that he hit, or maybe the steering wheel when he decided, yes I used decided, to use his car as a weapon. Keep trying to play the sympathy card for poor Drunk Jimmy, I aint buyin it. And he does have my number and he did call me, and you’re damn right I didn’t answer. Your fuckin dulusional if you think that there is any justification for his actions! By the way were you even there?