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Restaurant/Bar Proposed for Live-Work Building!3{2}at 25th and Union

20-some residents of 25th and Spring, Marion, 24th and 26th, got together Thursday night to talk with Erin Nestor and Rebecca Denk, owners of the successful Bottleneck Lounge. They are attempting to replicate the popular venue in the new live/work building at 25th and Union. Their proposal is for a small, quiet neighborhood place which would serve mainly walk-in diners, with a full liquor menu. By far supportive of the proposal, the audience asked about traffic, noise, problems with street drunks and drug users, and similar issues which might arise with such a combo. Erin and Rebecca were very upfront about their plan, acknowledging the issues raised, and receptive to ideas from the neighbors about possible ways to deal with them. Some attendees at the meeting were hostile to the idea of a bar in a residential neighborhood, and apparently plan another community meeting in opposition.
People who are interested in this idea can write to the Liquor Control Board in support (or opposition) to a restaurant/bar in the neighborhood: Washington State Liquor Control Board Licensing and Regulation, PO Box 43098, Olympia, WA 98504-3098, Attention: Dean Lau. Mention Liquor License #403447

0 thoughts on “Restaurant/Bar Proposed for Live-Work Building!3{2}at 25th and Union

  1. granted, we aren’t the same as phinney or maple leaf, but with beach head establishments like this, we could be.

  2. I really like the Bottleneck and would love to have a similar establishment in our area. I live less than a block from 25th and Union and fully support Erin and Rebecca opening a new restaurant and bar in the neighborhood.

  3. This is a great idea.

    Our area needs more people friendly places where we can gather, relax and build community. Really good food reasonably priced is a MUST!

    They get my full support on this. I’m so looking forward to seeing it happen.

  4. by not allowing the few to vanquish the many. There will always be those not in favor, but it’s critical to let the board know that this is a great idea.

    Shit, if they can have a gd liquor store in probably the worst intersection possible (23rd and Union), a small dinner and wine bar shouldn’t even be a blip on the screen. I say shut down the damn liquor store.

  5. I will be the first customer! I can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to walk to Madrona, Madison Valley, or Madison Park to grab a cocktail or beer with a friend and I can simply walk two blocks. Central District needs these types of businesses. I fully support the opening of this business in our neighborhood.

  6. and it would be good for other places too (like Thompson’s). Maybe the area could become a legitimate destination for legitimate business like most Seattle neighborhoods (as referenced by AK and Elvis).

  7. I love the Bottleneck! A group of my mom friends and I get together there at least once a month for drinks and find it to be a calm, warm environment. Not at all the typical bar scene. I think the area could use a business like the Bottleneck with great owners like Erin and Rebecca.

    I’m definitely supportive of this idea.

  8. I am not familiar with what at exactly is at 25th and Union, and still a bit far from us way down in Judkins Park, but how nice it would be to walk down on the summer evening for a drink in the neighborhood.

    I am going to chime in though on Kaun Yin’s comment about “Really good food reasonably priced is a MUST!” and say this about the Bottleneck: They make delicious drinks, I am totally happy that they are making the Fargonian space a successful neighborhood bar, but the food there is terrible and completely overpriced for it’s quality. While they don’t have a full kitchen or a big space to make food, it should either be cheaper to recognize it’s Bingo Hall quality (I used to cook in a bingo hall) or work a bit on it with slightly smarter menu. The Hopvine makes pretty decent food without a full kitchen for example, and I wouldn’t expect such a tiny bar to have nearly as big as menu as the Hop.

    Good luck to them in the new space! I hope it works out.

  9. We need more spots that offer great appetizers and drinks. I always end up walking to St.Clouds which I love but would like to have more options. And this would be a great option to have close by. I’m with Elvis on the Liquor Store. It is in the worst possible location.

  10. This is the type of business the community needs to build a dynamic street scene and make it a destination within our community. Would love to have a place like this within easy walking distance — one of the things I miss from having lived on Capitol Hill. These kind of attactive anchors will make the whole area more interesting.

    Of course, as a neighbor of Erin and Rebecca I support them specifically even more! Best of luck on the new endevour!

  11. supporting it in concept vs demanding they upscale their food

    let’s try the first and provide constructive feedback on the food.

  12. I do choose not to eat the food after the first time there, which is a bummer, because their drinks are very good, strong and I’d like to have more of them if they had some tasty bites to eat. I’d actually go there more, if I could also have something good to eat.

    Constructive criticism is this: they should check the Hopvine for ideas on how to make sandwiches and nachos for the same price they are charging and think about their ingredient selection better, as the Hop does this without a real kitchen. They could probably make some pretty tasty pannis with a portable grill and even some tapenades or somthing from TJ’s that would be taster than what they currently offer.

    You know Sun Liquor is a place that has terrible food, but they do offer free very tasty warmed nuts, so most folks just go for a little of that and keep drinking… maybe that is another approach?

  13. Please oh please let this happen!!! It needs a happy hour as well.
    I would love something like Cafe Press(doesnt have to be french) just a little closer with a little older crowd(since I am ancient). How about some tasty tapas and Vino Vehrde on a hot summer evening. Yum!!!

  14. Looks pretty unanimous, most of us think it’s a pretty keen idea. Let’s make sure we all write in to the board to make sure they know how we feel. Don’t leave it up to chance!

  15. I’d also like to add that Erin and Rebecca are two of the most community-minded business owners you’d ever hope to have open a place in the neighborhood. I’m guessing that like minded people are reading this post and that it would be a good idea if as many of us as possible could show up to the next meeting.

  16. I live within 2 blocks of this area and think this is a GREAT idea! E. Union could be a wonderful community atmosphere and much more safe if there were strong establishments to support the recent housing upgrades along this block. My hope is that we can extend the already great environment of 34th/E. Union all the way past 23rd and help clean up this area.

  17. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but it’s a looooooooooooooooong way from 34th to 25th, much less 23rd. There’s no commercial anything from 33rd (charitably) all the way down to MLK, and nothing from there up the hill. The building at 25th & Union will be an outpost, perhaps a precursor of future development – but let’s not get too carried away.

    Erin acknowledged they want to “do more with food” at the new place, Tryst – that may be a subtle way of admitting the food at the Bottleneck isn’t as good as it could be. They won’t have a lot of space at Tryst, either, as far as kitchen goes. Figure space for around 30 or so customers.

    I think this will be a welcome addition to the neighborhood. For the person from Judkins Park – there is a new live/work building at 25th & Union. Erin & Rebecca would live above their new establishment if everything works out.