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It’s Official:!3{2}Welcome to Summer (Yippie!)

On this lovely Friday, summer is descending on the Northwest, officially just before 5 p.m. The solstice is today, and I think I speak for many when I say: Bring It. On the heels of a dreadfully long, rainy, bone-chilling, gray winter it’s time to leave that all behind, for a least 3 (maybe 4?!) months. (Remember The Summer of 2006? It went on and on, well into October. Remember The Summer of 2007? It lasted about 9 days.)

So in tribute to NPR’s “Weekend Edition” which frequently asks this same query: What are YOU doing this first full weekend of summer, with temperatures in the 70’s and a fairly low chance of any rain. Sound off, and enjoy whatever you do……

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  1. Obviously, except for me 5 hours later, NOT siting inside in front of a computer!