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Drive-by Shooting Damages Vehicles & Homes

We hadn’t heard about this one until it popped up on the Seattle Times site a minute ago.


The good news is that no one was hurt:

Police spokesman Mark Jamieson said several people living in the 2700 block of South Irving Street called 911 about 3:30 a.m. to report gunfire. Nobody was hurt.


Police said one house was hit at least three times and a parked car was struck by gunfire. Officers found bullet casings littering the area.


This is the second drive-by in the I-90 area in the past month.



0 thoughts on “Drive-by Shooting Damages Vehicles & Homes

  1. Hi,
    I actually sent a note to you about this, asking if you knew anything. Sent about 9:30 this morning.

  2. Thanks for sending the tip – unfortunately it seems like something is stuffed in the tubes, since we didn’t get the email.

    But please try again in the future if there’s something we miss.

  3. They woke me up at 3:29. Heard several shots, very loud pops, and then heard the wheels screech as the car drove off. This is becoming an all to common sound around this block and Sam Smith Park at night.