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CD Scanner – 6/04

From June 4, 2008

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  1. So is the scanner going to continue to be a regular part of the blog? I’m finding that there is less and less on here that I find important and encouraging about community involvement in the CD. Crime is a fact of life, and I’m not apathetic, but the ratio of crime:good things about the CD seems way off.

    And it seems to me that only certain groups have a voice on this site. I’m fairly certain that a poll on the corner would result in different values and responses than a poll on CD News.

    Or is that the point? Is this blog for representing everyone in the CD, or only crime-fearing, property-value-declinging home owners?

  2. I would love to see more details. I would also love to see a poll on the corner. I’m not sure about what, but I love talking with my neighbors, so poll on!

  3. “makeba” wrote: “Or is that the point? Is this blog for representing everyone in the CD, or only crime-fearing, property-value-declinging home owners? “

    ….YEAH! Why aren’t the viewpoints of crack-heads, murderers, gang-bangers, meth-freaks, robbers, assorted mental-cases, and oppressed criminals (kept down by THE MAN) represented on here equally??!!??

    How dare you evil homeowners try to preserve your despicable property values!

    You should just trash your houses and go out and wander around in the street and do drugs and crap your pants in public like the rest of us!

  4. For the record:
    “Makeba” is my name – you don’t need to put it in quotes.
    And “Makeba” is also a homeowner who would appreciate selling her home for more than she bought it for. But I didn’t move here just to make money on my home. I moved here to develop a strong community with my neighbors. And I count my neighbors as everyone in my community – even those whom you may find to be less desirable. And I think part of “improving” our community is improving life for our neighbors, not just trying to push out the people who do bad things and deciding that everyone who has an addiction or is a member of a gang is not capable of change.

    Do you really believe that people with addictions or “mental-cases” are not worthy of opinions? Or worth getting to know? You do realize you are no better than them, right?

    Or does it make you feel better to label people : “crack-heads, murderers, gang-bangers, meth-freaks, robbers, assorted mental-cases.” Does that help you see them as less-than-human? Or undeserving of love and support? Or not-really-my-neighbors?

    I hope you can come to accept everyone that lives here as your neighbor, and see that behind all of our crap, we are all human.

  5. If you’re serious about doing a neighborhood survey – going door-to-door and seeing what people in our neighborhood value, I would love to work together. I just finished a statistical research and evaluation course sequence as part of my masters program and could put together a useful survey.

    Just send me an email if you’re interested: [email protected]

    I’m glad that you are also seriously interested in learning about the interests of your neighbors. You were serious, right?

  6. “Does that help you see them as less-than-human? Or undeserving of love and support? Or not-really-my-neighbors?”

    Just because someone is supposedly “human” or even my “neighbor” does not mean they have any intrinsic worth or are automatically deserving of my “love and support”. In fact some of the most disgusting and dangerous people I have been my “neighbors”. In my opinion, the fact that someone is “human” is actually an automatic strike against them since almost all “humans” are totally stupid and dangerous.

  7. Well, it seems then that we have different values. I do believe that humans have worth. But you are entitled to your own opinion – and I think you have worth, even if I disagree with you and wish there were less people with your belief system in this world.

  8. I think this is a great feature and I love the interactive map!

    I just heard now gunshots out in the Valley and came to this blog to see what’s been happening in the neighborhood. Much better neighborhood coverage then the Stranger or the city papers. Keep up the great work, very informative blog.


  9. I rent an apartment in the CD, so I don’t really care about property values. But I like staying informed about the positive AND negative current events in my neighborhood – especially since the print newspapers in the area don’t really cover much in the CD.

  10. – didn’t know about this site;
    didn’t know about the scanner.
    glad to know about it now.

    thank you for putting this information up.
    This looks like a great place to get information about
    what is going on in my neighborhood.

  11. I’m a renter here, but like the CD and am planning to stay here long-term. When I hear gunshots, it’s great to have some place to go to figure out what’s going on.