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CD News on the Radio? – Updated

So I’m perusing the WestSeattleBlog (no I am not a traitor, but they were going to cover the CADA thing…and those people in West Seattle seem to REALLY like contributing so it sucks me in) and what do I see but: If you’re near a radio or computer at 9 am Monday, your editor here will be one of several guests during the live interview show “Weekday” on KUOW (94.9 FM……Other scheduled guests are from Central District News, Rainier Valley Post, OlyBlog, and Hillku (whose writer also contributes to Capitol Hill Seattle). Full story at

Are you holding out on us Scott?

Update:  Here’s the link to the podcast of the show in case you missed it: WeekdayA20080630.mp3

0 thoughts on “CD News on the Radio? – Updated

  1. I was waiting until tonight to do a post, but Tracy beat me to the punch. (she’s so damn prolific!)

    So if you’ve enjoyed reading my poorly worded scribblings over the last 8 months, you’ll want to tune into KUOW Monday at 9am to here hear my anti-mellifluous voice as we geek out on neighborhood blogging, radio-style.

    I’m not sure if they’ll take calls, but if they do, try and call in and add your thoughts (even if you hate the scanner)

  2. Amber at Rainier Valley Post put it up last night.

  3. I love the scanner. I now listen to it on my computer when I have time and interest!!!!

  4. “Hear your anti-mellifluous voice”, is what you meant, right? Certainly, I’ll give it my best to listen.

  5. Thanks Joanna – My grammar abilities decrease by 8% for every degree above 71 F.

  6. I tried to call in this AM to respond to the caller griping about gentrification and neighborhood access to the interbunny. That is precisely why I set up the free WiFi service. Incidentally, the service is now gone from 27th Ave. but will be returning in the next several weeks to the vicinity of MLK and Madison.