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Open Thread Friday

The CDN staff is out of the office today, so we’ll have a rare miss of today’s scanner report.

So use this as an open thread to chat about anything that’s been on your mind.

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  1. I sure miss the Scanner – had a brief ride-along in an SPD patrol car the other day (as a community p/r thing, not as a suspect!), and it was interesting to hear the radio that CDNews listens in on. It was a quiet afternoon, so no excitement, but it was informative anyway, just discussing the area with the police officer who was driving.

  2. Its funny some times, and important stuff gets out out in this blog. But, this site does have a reputation of being a whole bunch of white people who moved to the CD cuz it was cheap and who are disrespectful of the rest of the residents.

  3. What does PUI mean? Also, what are the white people doing that is “disrespectful of the rest of the residents?”

  4. I have seen a lot of posts that either appear to be from African Americans or that I know are from African Americans. To me, that’s one of the great things about this web site – we can all express our opinions and maybe clear up some misunderstandings. Using the medium of the internet tends to keep the emotion at a lower level than standing screaming at each other and provides time for reflection instead of a reflexive but soon-regrettable response.

    Incidentally, our neighborhood also includes Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, and East African immigrants.

  5. PUI = Posting Under the Influence

    The now deleted remainder of ktk’s post was a bit more provocative, shall we say.

    How often do posts get deleted or edited? What’s the rationale? I remember reading a couple of satires on the daily scanner report which were taken down soon after they were posted.

  6. No offense to the CDN guys – i love this site. But I get a little tired of the police scanner being the “news” – I know lots of other stuff is posted here, but sometimes I wish we could just get a weekly highlight of the interesting crime tidbits instead of having to look at so many police-centered posts. The more positive the news is, the better – and disagree with me if you’d like – but removing so many police-centered posts would provide a more welcoming environment for a diverse participating community on the blog.

  7. I really dig the police news. The bad news is just as much part of it as the good news. I use it to track where the crime is at on any given week. The police news matters very much to my household, my vote says keep it coming. Anyone know where to find a live online audio stream of the scanner?

  8. I don’t believe anyone is making you read the scanner??

    We live in a neighborhood that is diverse and undergoing major changes, both negative and positive. I believe that having the information about the local crimes really lets us know where energy needs to be placed. Keep the scanner coming…I love this site, many of my neighbors now visit daily.

  9. Here’s a summary of our moderation policy:
    – We never edit the content of other member’s posts or comments, with the occasional exception of technical fixes for links, formatting problems, etc.
    – We only delete comments & posts that are overtly racist, threatening, or spammy

    CDN moderators didn’t make any deletes or edits to any of the comments in this thread. Members of the site have the ability to edit their own comments for a short period of time, so perhaps ktkeller edited their own content.

    One of the nice surprises of this blog is that the moderation job is much smaller than we thought it would be. We rarely have to remove anything. One of the few exceptions was mentioned by krgl, where there were 2 or 3 posts that satirized the scanner reports. They were removed mostly to avoid confusion for people who might not realize they were satire. (scanner reports are factual, so having competing non-factual versions would be problematic). They would have likely been left alone if they had been done as comments against a legitimate scanner report.

  10. I agree – the Police Scanner is the reason I don’t visit this site regularly. Police are not the community and should not be the focus of the blog except for major events and even then it should be framed in a way where the information can be used productively not to stimulate fear.

  11. We’re adults and capable of interpreting the scanner. I don’t need someone giving me the information so it “can be used productively not to stimulate fear.” Keep it!

  12. Stories, scanner, photos, calendat-the site is terrific-I wouldn’t change a thing.

  13. I never realized that police, or the police scanner were the focus of
    This site was set up and running before the scanner was implemented as a daily item.
    I enjoy all the benefits of reading this blog and that includes the police scanner.
    You don’t like it…Don’t click on the link.

  14. The police scanner is awesome. Some “progressive liberals” and some “others” don’t like anything factual that might possibly make any black person look bad in any way. It offends their white-liberal-guilt complexes.