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Rev Wright’s Speech to the NAACP

Reverend Wright has been in the news recently for various speeches he has been making. I watched them all yesterday trying to dig a bit deeper into what everyone is up in arms about, and by and large his speeches are quite brilliant. I will say his responses to questions are maybe inflammatory but his message is spot on.

Specifically I was both impressed and I will honestly say somewhat enlightened by his speech to the NAACP. He really does a fine job of discussing how the African American community is different in intrinsic ways and how that difference is not something to change, but accept. The goal being not to bring all people together into a homogeneous blob but rather accept to bring us together embracing and respecting those differences.

I have seen comments on this blog from both sides of the fence that show that not all see this as their goal, that far too many are still afraid or judging of those differences.

I’d encourage anyone who hasn’t already to make time to watch the speech and to discuss it with your friends and family. Watch to the end, I find the end most hopeful.





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