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CD Scanner – 4/30

From the last day of April, 2008:

9:49am – 700 block of summit – 911 Hang-up – Uncooperative female on a cell phone said a male was trying to take her car keys. She’s hung up on them twice

9:49am – 1000 E. Jefferson – Accident – Vehicles have substantial damage, blocking eastbound lane

10:15am – 1700 17th Ave – Assault – Complainant was walking his dog when a man came out of a building and yelled at him because the dog barked at the suspect’s cat. The suspect then spit in the victim’s face. Victim saw a gun in the suspect’s back pocket. Yeller/spitter is a black male, 40s, gray or blue hoody, with a scar on his cheek, 5’8″, 175#.

11:00am – 665 23rd Ave – Narcotics Activity – Man is outside the AM/PM by the pumps doing drugs. He’s previously been trespassed from the property. Black male 30s, black baseball cap, blue jeans

12:11pm – 200 31st E – Aid – Caller say a child has a high fever, but the mother is refusing to take her to a doctor

1:09pm – 1410 E. John – Shoplifting – Female in handcuffs at Safeway

2:03pm – 1203 James – Disturbance – Manager called about a female who was denied an apartment, but started moving her stuff in anyway. White female, 32, possibly mental or on drugs.

2:09pm – 6th & Yesler – Open Carry – Man was observed wearing a gun on his hip, unconcealed. White male, 30s, 5’10” black shirt. Last seen heading up into Yesler Terrace. I actually didn’t know this was illegal, but it is under a law unique to WA state. It looks like the only way to lawfully carry a weapon is if you have a concealed carry permit and keep it concealed (seems unfair to gun and speedo enthusiasts who feel unsafe at the beach). Funny: west precinct officer suggests he’s now in the east precinct. East radio says “OK – anybody who sees this white male, please chase him back west”

2:12pm – Theft – Unknown Location – Hand gun stolen from a female in last 20 minutes. 3 black males in late teens in a red newer small car.

2:22pm – 1400 E. Yesler Way – Domestic Assault – Woman called 911 and said that her husband was hitting her, then hung up. 911 called back in, and wife said that he hasn’t actually hit her, but they’ve been fighting all day. Husband is 29 year old black male.

2:35pm – 999 3rd Ave – Hold-up Alarm – Silent hold-up alarm at Wells Fargo. Verified as false alarm.

2:54pm – 21st & Union – Narcotics Activity – 2 males dealing. Black males, slender builds

3:10pm – 309 23rd S – 911 Hang-Up – Got a recording on call back

3:18pm – 1420 E. Madison – Trespassing – Taco Time would like a drunk man removed. White male, 50s, patriotic red/white/blue jacket

3:25pm – 800 Lk. Washington Blvd – Domestic Assault – Complainant saw a man pushing and hitting a female at Madrona Beach. They then got in a white vehicle and left southbound. Hispanic male and female in their 20s.

3:52pm – 26th & King – Suspicious Circumstance – Female 16 year old called and said a male locked her in a closet in a house. Then she said “he’s returned” and hung up. The call was from a “phase 1” cell phone, so police only have a rough location from cell tower triangulation and can’t find the exact house involved.

3:59pm – Dearborn & Rainier – Suspicious Circumstance – Dirty & disheveled transient is trying to sell a very clean and healthy looking terrier. White male in cammo jacket.

4:32pm – 2900 E. Cherry – Fraud – Fraud & Identity theft by an employee. Hispanic male, 45, black pants, black shirt.

4:38pm – 1401 Broadway – Shoplifting – Female in custody at QFC, no ID

4:39pm – 665 23rd Ave – Harassment – Complainant says a male in business across the street keeps harassing and threatening him. Suspect is black male, 23, brown shirt and blue jeans.

5:07pm – 22nd & Jackson – Fight Disturbance – 4 males females fighting in front of the 1504 Club. No weapons seen. Update: The party has moved up to 23rd, and they now say that there are 50 people watching 2 females fight.

6:17pm – 20th & Jackson – Armed Robbery – 3 men with a gun robbed a pedestrian. Left the scene southbound on 23rd in an orange Ford 4-door. 3 black males, all blue clothing. One in backseat had the gun. Vehicle registered to a residence in the 6200 block of 124th S. Victim was coming out of a mini mart with $400, they saw the cash and took advantage. One officer seems to recognize the vehicle description and says it may be at a residence near 28th & Norman.

6:35pm – 20th & Madison – Property Damage – Man tossing rocks at vehicles. Black male, 23

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