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Paving Underway on 20th, Marion

If you ever travel on E. Marion, 20th, 21st, 22nd, or 24th, you’ll probably want to change your habits and stick to the arterials for the next several days due to a big paving project underway, currently headed east on Marion from 20th. Marion is closed to traffic between 20th & 21st, and you can’t cross it today at either of those intersections. Tomorrow they’ll be moving down towards 22nd, and by early next week they’ll continue down the hill towards 26th.

And if you live on those blocks, make sure and heed the no-parking signs. I saw several cars on Marion with red tags, and they’ll be calling the tow trucks to remove anyone who’s in the way.

This is the last piece of cleanup after PSE laid a big new gas pipeline under those streets last year. I was worried that we’d only be left with that 2-foot wide strip of new asphalt – it’s good to see that they’re going to finish the job the right way.

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  1. We had been wondering where the paving was going to take place ever since we found a tag on our door informing us of the dates of work.
    I had been hoping it was for the traffic circle and chicanes right about where you are standing in the second photo. They were laid out recently in spray paint.

  2. So, any chance that anyone who is around the ‘hood during the day could talk them into fixing some of the other glaring pavement problems — particularly 23rd Avenue? :-) The pavement is in terrible condition in multiple places from Yesler Way down to Interlaken (23rd and 24th Aves both). I have filed multiple SDOT requests on these (and some James St) issues. Anybody else been seconding these by chance?

  3. Good luck with 23rd – my understanding from SDOT is that really fixing 23rd is going to require a lot more than just patching potholes. It’s on the longer-range plan, under consideration for a road diet – there should be some public meeting process before too much longer I suspect.