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CD Scanner – 4/7

From Monday, April 7th, 2008:

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  1. Maybe the person had called Broadstripe because they are paying $120/month for supposedly “HIGH SPEED” internet and they are only getting dial up speed…seems to be a common problem with BS…I’d be angry too…Thank you City of Seattle for not allowing us to have options!!

  2. Commonly known as “ghetto vision” Summit now Broadstripe was appointed by the City Council back in the 1980’s to provide cable service to the CD when no other cable service wanted to come in and set up.

    Now they do but “Ghetto Vision” will not give up its highly priced overwhelming shitty service, programs, etc. Your only other option is dish network

    Again, defacto segregation and using the area as a containment zone for crime, etc.
    Try changing the the channel to class action LAW SUIT. That is the only thing that will get attention and change!

  3. I was just disturbed by a man claiming to be with the cable company. From what I see maybe I need to call the police. He was rude and Im not even sure if he works for them.