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BREAKING NEWS: Skillet in the hood!

If you’re in the neighborhood today for lunch, you’ll want to drop everything you have going on and head down to 1916 23rd S (almost to Rainier), and grab something delicious from Skillet. They’re set up today in the PB Elemental parking lot. mmmm…..

Update: We just got back from a lunch trip to the old Airstream. I had the classic Kobe “Style” burger and fries: highly tasty ($7). I also got a taste of the Halibut Fish Taco, which unbelievably good ($7).

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  1. don’t judge the food because it’s coming out of an old airstream trailer converted into a mobile kitchen. it’s sensational, and a very affordable and filling lunch. you can taste there’s quality going on. i had the (grilled) halibut tacos today with this amazing sauce and loved every bite. do yourself a favor: when you see the “skillet” out.. stop.

  2. hey…

    i’ve been wanting to try them! I missed them today but keep us posted if they are spotted in the hood again!