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CD Scanner – 4/29

From a chilly Tuesday, April 29th:

9:55am – 1600 E. Olive – Hold-up Alarm – Audible hold-up alarm at a pharmacy. Operators are unable to reach anyone inside

9:55am – 18th & Jackson – Hit & Run – Suspect vehicle last seen eastbound on Jackson. Silver buick car registered to an address on S. Charlestown.

10:16am – 1900 E. Jefferson – Attempted Burglary – Two kids were knocking on the caller’s door, then jumped over the fence to the backyard. Then they saw the caller through the window and ran off. 2 black juveniles, 16-18, one with bright red jacket, black hat, both with backpacks. Police arrived quickly and spotted the suspects: “Foot pursuit northbound on 19th”. Out of breath cop: “approaching Jefferson. Red jacket westbound”. 2nd male in all black westbound on Alder. The slow one is in custody just south of Jefferson. Other is possibly headed for grandma’s house at 200 block of 17th Ave. Personal effects of the suspect were found somewhere along his escape route. Update: They’ve confirmed that the outstanding suspect is the grandson, but grandma says he’s not home. They’re assuming he got away to somewhere else and are releasing containment of the area. The one that was caught had an outstanding warrant, so they’re booking him.

11:11am – 1100 30th – Suspicious Circumstance – Alarm went off at a neighbors house and the caller saw a white female with gray hair and a jean skirt scurrying away.

11:28am – 15th & Denny – Hit & Run – Yellow 20′ Penske truck with IN plate hit a parked vehicle

12:53pm – 32nd and Marion – Recovery assistance – a man wants an officer to assist him in the recovery of his vehicle from his estranged partner

12:56pm – 100 block of 23rd Ave – Squatter’s rights revocation – a property owner wants a squatter removed from his vacant property

1:00pm – 10th and Dearborn – Car vs pedestrian accident. The victim is alert and conscious with no major injuries

1:44pm – 500 19th Ave – Audible Alarm – Tripped on front door of a residence

2:04pm – 1700 32nd Ave – Welfare Check – Resident has cancer, hospice nurse can’t get an answer at the door

3:25pm – 12th & Jefferson – Purse snatches – Caller reports a man digging through a woman’s purse, suspects he may be involved with recent spate of purse snatches. Black male, 30s, 6’2″, 180 pounds with a black backpack. So a man isn’t allowed to carry a purse without arousing suspicion? Seattle U security also called about him, and says he put his red bike on a #3 bus and hopped on, headed westbound on Jefferson. Dispatchers are requesting that the bus hold at harborview until police arrive. Update: Evidently he got off the bus before police arrived and headed westbound on Jefferson on his bike, towards the ER. He was soon located by police on that side of the hospital. Update x2: Officer: “We are under control. I know this is pretty hard to believe, but it was his purse.”

3:45pm – 1134 34th Ave – 911 Hang-Up – Juvenile female called from the pay phone and said that she needed the SWAT team, then hung up. This happens almost every day around the time school gets out there.

4:03pm -1400 S. Lane – Shoplifting – Goodwill security forces are chasing a shoplifter. Both are out of breath so the chase has been downgraded to a walking pursuit. Black male, 35, black hat, blue Seahawks coat, blue jean. Police caught up to the suspect at 16th & Weller.

4:04pm – Pike & Boren – Bicycle Violation

4:31pm – 500 Lakeside Ave S – Domestic Assault – Juvenile female is hiding out in a yard, saying her father assaulted her, he’s now driving around in a vehicle looking for her. Mother is also on the way from the eastside to pick her up.

4:35pm – 800 Broadway – Missing Person – 84 year old man missing after being dropped off at Swedish. White male, 5’6″, 150, blonde/blue, in a dark green sweatsuit and pants. Update: Man found

5:37pm – 1600 24th – Suspicious Circumstance – Male comes up to the house, asks for work, female stands out on the sidewalk. Black male 40, 5’10”, mustache, black jacket. Black female, 40, slim build, jeans. Last seen southbound on 24th.

5:52pm – Broadway & John – DWI – Vehicle seen driving up onto the sidewalk and having trouble staying in its lane. White escalade, driven by an unknown race male in his 30s. Last seen eastbound on John.

5:57pm – 24th & Lane – Narcotics Activity – Man selling drugs out of a gold Chrysler New Yorker. Black male, 20s, afro, red jacket, dark blue jeans with gold stripes.

6:02pm – 200 Terry Ave – Suspicious Circumstances – 8 juveniles putting paper and garbage in a grill, looking for matches.

6:07pm – 900 S. Jackson – Narcotics Activity – 3 males doing drugs, 1 female possibly protituting. Female is white, 20s, navy/white jacket, beige pants. Police are contacting the female. As they arrived the 3 males ran up the stairs to Yesler Terrace (this is right near the I-5 overpass)

6:20pm – 400 block Broadway – Suspicious Circumstance – Caller describes a possible burglary in progress involving several black males with a cart. Associated gold vehicle with bald tires. One in 20s with lots of gold jewlry, other older and bald. They may also have a pipe (?). Sounds like dispatchers had some problems getting info from the caller due to possible mental issues. Update: The complainant called back and said that the suspects had already shot someone with a shotgun and then hung up. Police are in the area and don’t see anything to corroborate any part of her story

6:26pm – 2408 E. Roanoke – Assault – Female says a man came up and punched her in the arm, then walked away northbound. White male 30s, orange hair, white karate top, and white pants

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  1. Police pursuit was excellent. I am amazed no one saw them jumping the fences and going through yards then call police too.

  2. 3 cheers! Good job SPD. No doubt the city attorney’s office should hear our feelings regarding those breaking into our houses and how they should be treated at trial. Let Tom know!

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    City Attorney
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    Seattle, WA 98124-4769
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