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Development Update

I think it’s now official: the pace of development in the neighborhood has slowed dramatically so far in 2008. That’s why we’ve gone for several weeks without an update.

But today things perked up a bit, and we have a few new development notices that have gone out this week:

1. 2305 E. Madison – This is for the long-time vacant lot on the southeast corner of 23rd & Madison, right next to the delicious (and $$$$) Crush restaurant. Developers are planning to put a four-story building with 30 residential apartments and 8,200 square feet of first-floor retail onto the triangle-shaped property. They are also planning for 30 parking spaces, but it’s not clear to me whether those are going under ground or elsewhere. If you want more info, make plans to attend the design review on April 2nd at 6:30pm.

2. 1126 34th Ave – There’s a parking lot on 34th in Madrona, just two doors south of Union & the Madrona Pub. There is a three-story building with first floor retail, 2nd floor office space, and a 2,433 square foot artist studio/dwelling on the top floor. I spoke to a Madrona resident last month who was upset about the scale of this development, so it could be a controversial one for the neighborhood. A design review is scheduled for April 2nd at 8pm if you want to learn more.

3. 3416 E. Marion – St. Therese Church has received approval to add 800 square feet to their office and former rectory building at 35th & Marion. The addition will be on top of the 1-story part of the building that faces north, and will be used as an office.

4. 515 23rd Ave – Application to take the vacant lot north of Ezell’s and subdivide it into four pieces for development of new residential units. Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and go to bed every night to the scent of tasty fried deliciousness?

0 thoughts on “Development Update

  1. That’s a shame. Always liked that piece of breathing space. Too bad for Crush.

  2. Wha? Yeah, it’s really a shame to add retail space to that dead space, more sidewalk activity, eyes on the street, a safer bus stop, etc.

  3. Check out the architect for this project:

    2305 Madison is way more urban than what they typically do. This one will be worth watching closely.

  4. That abandoned house has had mucho drug and prostitue activity and needs to go, but I’m worried about the trees. We got flooded in 2007 but the trees, big old Cherry and Fir , saved us from getting even more of the water pouring off 23rd and James. That lot is not very big, and I’m wondering about the parking and how many stories it will have. Guess I’ll be making some comments to the DPD.

  5. Youch! No joke – that site is one big ode to single-family housing. That corner is a critical piece – done wrong, it would really be a disaster on par with that ugly facade facing it across 23rd.