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CD Scanner – 3/21

From Friday, March 21st:

10:37am – Grafitti – 31st Irving – White male seen writing on a bus stop sign.

11:19am – 1401 Broadway – Subject who assaulted employees at QFC after shoplifting 3 weeks ago is across the street now. White male, 30s, gray puffy jacket. Update: 12:50pm – An officer patrolling Cal Anderson park spotted the suspect enjoying a bottle of fine merlot that had been stolen earlier in the day.

11:45am – In the CD [exact location withheld for privacy] – A woman reports that she was raped a few hours ago

11:50pm – 23rd & Cherry AM/PM – Disturbance – Female is threatening to blow up the gas station after having a dispute with a employee over gas payment. Black female, 35, heavyset associated with a brown dodge caravan containing 2 young children in the backseat. Update: The woman is now behind the cash register, trying to pry it open and causing property damage. Now I’m not a huge fan of the AM/PM, but blowing it up would probably be a step too far…

12:37pm – 300 block 22nd Ave S – 2 Hispanic males are trespassing in a building. They don’t have keys and aren’t supposed to be there

2:51pm – 2800 block E. Madison – Customer made a verbal threat to a shop owner, possibly over a business matter. Interesting trivia – The suspect has the name of a famous entertainer

2:56pm – 8th & Yesler – Suspicious Circumstance -Man looking in vehicles and trying car door handles. Unknown race male, 40s, short, gray shirt,

3:19pm – 1800 E. McGraw – Complainant heard a small explosion, and then the power went out. Perhaps another crow-b-que or squirrel-b-que?

3:26pm – 509 E. Pine – Hit & Run – Suspect vehicle, light blue dodge van, is now parked & unoccupied. Multiple witnesses are available

3:42pm – 23rd & Union – NE Corner – Disturbance – Male is trying force an unwilling female to go along with him. black male, 30s, long white sweatshirt and black pants. White female, 30s, black leather jacket with fur trim. He’s got a hold of her and is dragging her back towards the gas station. There’s some confusion on the race of the female, with one caller describing her as white & 30s, the other says black and 20s. The two are associated with a gold 2-door compact car. Update: There was a vice call for a female soliciting at 23rd & Pine. The description matches the female in both cases. Our guess: pimp vs. prostitute violence

3:45pm – 23rd & Jackson – Hit & Run – Suspect vehicle backed into another one and then took off. Black, newer pickup, possibly temporary plates – Last ween westbound

4:15pm – 944 23rd Ave – Narcotics Activity – Spring steet side of the building. 2 black males dealing drugs.

4:44pm – 24th & Pike – Transients just broke into a vacant house that is for sale.

4:57pm – 900 block 29th Ave S – Domestic Disturbance – Husband pushed the wife. Two children in the house. Black male, 34, white t-shirt and brown sweat pants. They’re now in separate rooms.

5:10pm – 23rd & Cherry – Man aggressively panhandling at the AM/PM

5:23pm – Union & MLK – Two females walking in the middle of the roadway, knocking on people’s car windows in the intersection. 2 black females, one in jeans, one in sweatpants.

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