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Weekend Roundup

Bail set at $2 million for Rey Alberto Davis-Bell in murder of Degene “Safei” Barecha and wounding of a second customer at Barecha’s Philadelphia Cheesesteak Store:

Davis-Bell’s grandmother says he had developed mental problems and blames the state for not punishing him enough for his previous convictions of assault and harrassment:

Other unspecified store owners were warned by Police on Wednesday that they could also be targets of Davis-Bell’s rampage:

James Anthony Williams – the accused murderer of Shannon Harps – showed up in an agitated state at his probation officer’s office the day of the murder and was “barely able to hold himself together.” But in spite of this, he was given a bus pass and told to come back to visit in three days:

Williams was also “having trouble controlling violent thoughts” and was barred from his mental health clinic for “threatening staff and females in a highly sexualized manner” in the months before the New Years Eve stabbing:

Seattle Prosecutors target hate crimes on Capitol Hill:

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